Other pool rulers…or like the russians say, ‘oprickniki’(the seperated ones)


scott ward- stalefish,'ridiculous'


mark partain, fs rock, shallow cup, 'ridiculous'

tailblk mp

mark partain, tailblock, deep to shallow, 'ridiculous'

serna fs

michael serna jr., warp speed fs grind, 'ridiculous'

sw1 fs

scott ward, fs grind, 'ridiculous'


bad billy, bs box, 'blackpowder'


dave reul, fs grind, los angeles

There are scores of pool rippers everywhere. People that ride pools -virtually- to the exclusion of all else. The previous collection of , Adam 12, Bad Billy, & Adam Morgan are only a microcosm of what is really out there. Here is another rad collection of people that refuse to rest on excuses or past glories….Skate Strong/Skate Long-Ozzie (thanks Peter King for pics!)

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