Alex and Brandon Perelson

Alex Perelson

“Where is the lightning to lick you with its tongue? Where is the madness with which you should be cleansed? Behold, I show you the Superman. He is this lightning, he is this madness.” – Nietzsche

Brandon Perelson

Thank you to Alex and Brandon Perelson’s father for making them. We are really stoked and skateboarding –collectively–owes you a debt that cannot be repaid! Thanks to Brian Fick for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Alex, Glenn and Brandon Perelson - Grand Cayman 2012

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vae victis

Nolan Johnson

In his classic work- Man’s search for meaning – Viktor Frankl wrote, “It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.” He wrote this pearl of wisdom while contemplating his time in a concentration camp. His point should be applied daily. My worst day cannot possibly be compared to the day-to-day horrors that he suffered through. Of this I am certain. However,  there are many days when I wish to pull the covers up over my head and simply keep the animals of the world at bay. Instead, I grit my teeth, growl back and get on with living. Its what life expects. When a person changes the way they see the world, they change the world. Thanks to JGrant Brittain for the stellar photograph. Skate -Ozzie

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Sam Beckett standing on a tall one.

Beckett, PLG and me... handling business.

PLG, Sam, Chet, me and Al ... waiting on the pump.

Today was epic fun! PLG, Sam Beckett, Brian Fick, Chet Thomas, Al Brunelle and Cory all drove out and rode Ridiculous with Bunk and I. The sky was blue, the sun was out and the pool was super fun. I saw things go down that I didn’t think I’d see. We all had such a great time. Happiness. Pool pals. There is no hating in pool skating. Believe it! Thanks to PLG and the crew for the images, the dinner & the fun! Skate- Ozzie

PLG politely listening to my unending backyard banter.

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Red Bull Generation 2012

Pedro Barros - loses his red cap but not his cool, on this lofty, padless twisto-flex 540. Well done!

Jeff Grosso

Red BulI Generation. Pedro’s Bowl. I was as far away from that place as a man can be. I really wish I could’ve been in Brazil. It looked like a bunch of fun. Watching Pedro and the others rip is always a treat. My good pal — Heverton Ribeiro — sent me these images from the days festivities and I present them here for your edification. It looks like a good time was had by all. Thank you to Pedro Barros for hosting again and thank you to Heverton Ribeiro for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Luiz Formiga

Happiness in Brazil at Pedro Barros Bowl

Duane Peters

Hosoi, Heverton, Omar and Grosso

Christian Hosoi


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The pool count and Monte Cristo


It was October 7, 2008. The sun still beat down unmercifully at times and San Bernardino was a hothouse of misery on this particular day. I had been driving the grid since first light. I was counting seven new pools and two possibles. Most were in black water status and it would take some hard work to get them ready for a session. I drove a yawning side street through a 1950′s era neighborhood. Old houses sat away from the main road, stoic and solid in the afternoon sun. Red tile roofs reflected back the unwanted heat. A water sprinkler slowly spun water to a thirsty lawn. Trees sagged in the dead air and even they seemed to tire of the sun.

she's sweet and tender under the covers

don't they realize that the spray paint notice on the door is an invitation to people like us?

I spotted a foreclosure and pulled to the side. Scanning the neighbors houses, I grabbed a pen and some paper. Walking the front yard, I tried to look like a potential buyer. I moved up to the front porch and could see through the dirty plate glass window and through to the backyard. I saw trash, household furniture and coping. My heart hammered. I saw the partial outlines of a hip. With a quick glance around, I was on top of the wall laying flat. I scanned for the presence of dogs then let myself over. My pulse quickened. This is what I lived for: discovery.

when I found this pool, fleas were everywhere and by the time I noticed, they were all over my pants. I left my clothing there and drove home in my boxers!

The pool was a sweet looking right-hand kidney. It was full of green water as well. Pea soup. I checked the house. No electric. No water. I spotted garbage and trash strewn everywhere. The home was tore up. At one time, I would find maybe two in ten homes left in this condition as people jettisoned their lives in the dark quiet hours of the night. Foreclosure. Debt. An uncertain future and the need to go underground. Now, I was finding more and more homes in this fashion.


pea soup plantation

Riverside Ed and Billy Rix throwing it down! Double pump= top to bottom in a little over an hour!

The homes were trashed. Holes kicked into walls. Possessions scattered everywhere. It seemed as though people where mad at the banks for letting them get into something they couldn’t afford in the first place! Blaming others for their own mistakes. Ahhh! There is a small comfort that comes with denial. I looked around and quickly removed myself from the property. I’d be back. Of this, I was sure. As it turned out, Riverside Ed had found this little butterbean the week before I did! Riverside Ed and Billy have been responsible for finding some of the best pools that we’ve ever had the opportunity to ride. It was subsequently drained and then we sessioned it. Riverside Ed and Billy took it upon themselves to step it up & get it handled. That is how they do it. Down for life!  We rode it hard for a few short, glorious weeks.

Monte Cristo I

Monte Cristo II

Billy Rix- FS Death to drain nap...

Billy- FS Death

Sallie - rocking


Things were flipped from bad to good and then the mortgage company moved in. It was cleaned up, filled up, re-packaged and re-sold in short order. I still drive by and check on her from time to time. No problem. Enjoy your home. We’ll be here long after you disappear into the twilight. We’ll keep counting and doing this thing we do. Mi Numi. Thanks to Riverside Ed & Billy Rix for all they have done and continue to do. Thanks to PK  for the skate images, Willy Sions and Billy Rix for images & Brandon Wong for the  PK video upload. This post is dedicated to ‘dude bro dude bro’.  Skate- Ozzie

Monte Cristo minute with Salba: 

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always comes evening

Before night drew her veil across the lingering light of day, I slowed & nosed the car into a narrow dirt track beside a dead end road. The LA river basin was down a steep rough concrete slope to my left. Barbed wire was heavily festooned across the fence- top surrounding it and trash was carpeted thickly at its base. The winds blew hard through the area. I locked the car and peered about in the gloom. I heard voices muttering in the distance. I located them quickly. They appeared homeless and were unaware of my presence. I ghosted them for several minutes and assessed for threats. After a time, they were gone. I walked up a short rise that looked down on the riverbed and nearby houses. In the middle distance, on a small hill, stood a burnt house… its windows vacant. The shell of the house resembled  a grinning skull. I smiled thinly to myself. Beyond that, the waterway snaked its silvered path along the foot of the walled neighborhoods that rose against the skyline. I squatted there on my haunches and let my eyes adjust. I listened and let the dark seep into me.

I am the intruder. I am looking for pools. I work in solitude. He travels fastest, who travels alone. I surveyed the yards below me. I studied the stretch of neighborhood that lay as pale as a silver stream beneath the wan glimmer of the far, uncaring stars. There were few sounds to break the hush of night… the mournful cry of a night bird, and the buzz and chirp of nocturnal insects. I could make out several pools. They were virtually empty. The area was downtrodden. I noted doghouses and homes lighted from within. I must be cautious. Invisible. I scanned the area once more, checking the horizon. I threw my sweatshirt over the barbed wire–covering the spikes–and pulled myself quickly across. I moved down the hill. The night drank the light & the swish of the long grass marked my passing. Skate- Ozzie

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wolves in the throne room II

Pedro Barros- came out swinging and fought the conflict in stunning fashion.

Si vis pacem para bellum

“If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Pedro Barros dropped the hammer on the collected riders at last years Vans/Protec Combi contest. Pedro had a few runs that were in the stratosphere and his overhead, dive-bombing 540′s were a thing to behold. Rune Glifberg came in from the rooftop and didn’t slow his assault until the final minute. He was as one possessed. More than a few were heard to remark that Pedro won…  but barely. Rune Glifberg lit a fuse! Bucky Lasek was sidelined with a fracture just before the event. He is a heavy threat in any contest. You better watch yourself! Stay on your game because if you let up… Bucky won’t. Fini. Andy Macdonald entered the fray, drawing a line in the sand for a well-deserved top spot.

Rune Glifberg- like a firebomb dropped from the rooftop.

Andy Macdonald- shotgun Andrecht from his arsenal.

Beatdown Alert. I think Bucky Lasek is going to give everyone the Doc Marten dental plan!

Nolan Munroe skates like a time-bombing psycho on a mission! I can’t wait to see what he brings to the fight. Sando Dias can attack like few others and his consistent runs were awesome in last years contest. I’m betting he comes out this year – ‘all guns blazing.’

Nolan Munroe- he may want to take people to the wall this year!

Sandro Dias- a Positiv spark to ignite the powder keg?


“The fed world curls by his drowsy mate

on a dark scorched earth, as the lean wolves wait.” – Mundy

Alex Perelson can take a run, hit only four walls and I’ll go home happy. The guy is perfect to watch. He is the bringer of the lightening war. If Alex is putting it all together that day…  you better not blink. There are wolves in the throne room. I can’t wait to watch this years Vans/Protec Combi contest. It’s going to be insane! Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Alex Perelson- the bringer of the 'lightening war'

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wolves in the throne room

Christian Hosoi- Will he go for the throat and conquer this year?

A king will go forward alone.

Vans/Protec Combi contest approaches. It is considered the High Holy Day in bowl riding. The once -a -year gathering is highly anticipated by many. I am one of these. I have seen most of the contests and am always surprised at the insanity I witness. From Dave Duncan’s implosion off the peninsula and the cat -fighting ladies one year, to the impossible- to -believe LIncoln Ueda airs over the TV towers, to the slam-atron between Cookiehead & Stafford, to the full-on insanity of Lance Mountain’s first run last year, to the absolute mastery of Caballero in 2010 and –lastly– the undeniable  majesty of Chris Miller’s final flight in 2011… it is always inspiring! The crowd. The energy intoxicating. Winners. Their names stitched onto a crimson banner overhead.

Steve Caballero -- The Avenger--injured and out... I was betting on some serious Cab-induced anxiety in the others this year.

Lance Mountain is currently on fire... is this the key to the kingdom?

This year there are wolves in the throne room. Chris Miller is a hard one to usurp. He has ruled the Vans/Protec with an iron grasp for most of the contests. It will be interesting to see what occurs. Steve Caballero is injured so his imminent threat is nullified….  for now. Christian Hosoi could be in contention to shatter the shield. Lance — who absolutely killed it last year–has the name and skill he needs to make a point.

Tony Hawk- has worn the mantle of victory more than a few times.

Will a lone Hawk be drawn in by the smell of fear and the promise of conflict?  Eddie Elguera has been ripping consistently and he might take a stab at it. There is also:  Duane, Salba, Nash and the others. All are legendary slayers still on top of their game. A clash of Titans. It will be an epic event as always. I am looking forward to watching the battle unfold. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie


… and with the end we’ll believe.

“Here now in his triumph where all things falter

stretched out on the spoils that his own hand spread,

as a God self-slain on his own strange altar,

Death lies dead.” – Swinburne

Salba- it has been written: "Badlands Blade"

Eric Nash- "... and he came on a dark horse and Hell followed with him."

Duane Peters- contest runs = insanity. pure and simple

Mr. Miller... FYI- There are wolves in the throne room!

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through the archive

deathbox crew

Tony watching me... watching security... watching them

Stacked deck- Mountain, McGill, Caballero, Steadham, Hosoi

Josh Borden handling business

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of riding pools with all kinds of cool people from just about everywhere. I once was in a session with a bunch of guys from Brazil who only spoke Portuguese. We couldn’t communicate but as it turned out, this really didn’t matter as skateboarding & pools were the universal language. We understood each other perfectly. Periodically, these different folks will send me images & I tuck them away only to find them again months later. It is always cool to rediscover these gems. Here are a few interesting images that caught my eye. Thanks for reading. Thanks to Tony Jones, Anthony Acosta, Bob Pribble, Naka, Toby Burger, Chicken, MRZ and Brandon Wong for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Orange County Fishbowl 1988

Brazilians, Serna, Billy and the rest... pooling around

cleanup crew

me and TA- Combi 2010

Bob Pribble and the Roxbury Ramp Crew 1981

Adam 12 and a happy shallow end crew

Borden, MRZ, Hunt, Acosta and Mariano

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pool tiles

clearly my favorite

typical Blue Haven tile work. 1970s style

Blue Haven tile work-  early morning grid search -September

Since we just took a nice look at the pool builder Pascal Paddock, I thought we could keep up with the theme & check out a few pool tiles. I’ve probably seen more pools than most people in skateboarding & I must say that there are hundreds of tile variations. There are different color combinations & sizes. Pool companies put their logo on these as well sometimes. Skaters usually don’t take these though. Once grouted onto the pool, they are hard to remove without breaking them… and it will mess up the riding surface as most are on the wall below the coping. Here are some that I’ve run across when I search the grid. I must admit, I have thousands of pool photographs so…  these are just a few from the last six months or so. Thank you for reading. Skate- Ozzie

Tropic Pools stair tile- Palm Springs/ Indio

Swan Pools stair tile

Blue Haven & smaller companies used these all over Los Angeles & Orange County.

Sunset Pools- I don’t see these very often. They usually have a black seahorse on the waterfall.

Sunset seahorse – inserted into plaster on pools shallow end floor.

beautiful Blue Haven tiles & side ladder stairs.


Anthony Pools -stair tile

D.H. Williams- usually good pools

I just had to show you all a really nice square corner…  Anthony Pools  early 1960s

Royal Pools

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