The 80’s…

todd swank- sacto 1986
todd swank- sacto 1986

Its hard to figure out what musicians are doing these days. It seems to me that half the band is playing one song, and the other guys are off in La-La land somewhere. It sounds like the most convoluted mess I have ever heard. Then there is ‘ hip- hop’. I am sure you can guess what I think of it. Like I said before, when I hear the words ‘hip-hop’, I reach for my revolver. I heard Cds of some rad eighties bands this weekend. The Exploited & The Buzzcocks. It was intense…bringing back stellar memories of backyard sessions with my pals & other things best never to be repeated & yet not forgotten. Jimmy Zs, Swatch watches, bleached hair, and peg-leg pants. Fucking funny stuff. Here is a sick picture Grant Brittain sent me. It encompasses all the feelings, memories & nostalgia of that time. Thanks to JGrant Brittain for the photograph & the trip into the  past. Skate-Ozzie


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  1. It’s pretty ironic that my oldest son says the same thing and mostly listens to music I grew up with. Last night, he finally said to me, “ok mom, explain the Mr. Crowley song.” Music…it’s one of the few ways we can bond anymore. 16 is tough age for bonding with parents…but music brings everyone together in a way that nothing else can…timeless, ageless, it is a bridge. It is the healer, defines, even creates a culture, lights the way through the darkness of injustice, ignites passion and more.

  2. LOVE ‘the teen idles’ tag in the background underneath the exploited tag- such a great long beach band. This generation F-ing sucks.

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