San Burn-gnar with Salba.

1 nov 09 070

billy- side stairs


1 nov 09 042

Salba – rock-n-roll
1 nov 09 047

Toby the ninja

1 nov 09 053

the 'village idiot' using sign language.

1 nov 09 059

Salba- side stairs grind

1 nov 09 065

Adam 12- destroying. (coming into the shallow end!!)

1 nov 09 073

Michael Serna Jr. FS grind- side stairs

Our Sundays have become a ritual in San Bernardino. I get up, stretch, make coffee & breakfast, then wash out and CLR the ‘Ridiculous’ pool in the yard. CLR is Calcium, Lime & Rust remover. Its a bionic version of ‘Lime Away’…and it’s rad. After washing the pool & allowing it to dry, I apply the CLR and mop it on from the tiles down to the drain. It makes it grip like crazy once dried but not enough to tear your pads off if you knee slide. It works rather well. Try it in your slippery pool. You can buy it in any grocery store or Kmart.

Salba & the crew show up here at ‘Ridiculous’ around 10 or 11am. Everyone stretches, and some get their heads screwed on straight, as we contemplate what to ride that particular day. This Sunday, Salba decided it would be ‘Bent Square Sunday’. The cast of characters was as follows. Salba, Billy, Michael Serna, Toby, Adam 12 and myself. We would ride a few bent square pools, then end the session here at ‘Ridiculous’.

We headed over to a seldom -ridden bent square & looked it over. It was lost amid a tangle of overgrown shrubs & red-flowered bogenvilla. There was a huge white mansion up above, perched on the hillside and the pool had dried muck and sun-bleached animal bones scattered about the drain. As we hacked our way into the pool, I peered up at the sky. It was like a blue porcelain bowl…magnificent. We cleaned the pool in short order and everyone began to search out their lines.

Michael Serna quickly lit the fucking fuse with a FS 5-0 on the side wall that left us mumbling….sick! This pool was tight & tiny…no joke. Salba caught a rock-n-roll on the shallow side cup wall that was absurd. Billy tore the face wall & Adam 12 was his usual destructive self. Toby flowed through the pool like the ninja he is and we left after an hour feeling the backyard stoke! If you’ve done it…you know what I’m speaking of! We hit another bent square and once again, everyone tore it up. The photographs were all taken by me with an Olympus point & shoot. We had fun. I hope everyone rode today. It was an epic Sunday session with a wrecking crew of pool pals. I am proud to be a skateboarder. Its the best thing ever! Skate-Ozzie


5 thoughts on “San Burn-gnar with Salba.

  1. sick makes me sorta wish i was there …. miss serna and you and the pools and yes i got no warrents and a driver lic. the truck is in my name and insured
    one day i will be back to do a sunday like that ! with you and serna !
    skate on brother ! I have not skated in a week ! its been kinda nice !
    the snow is cold ! hahahahaha

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