Hate- cruel as stone knives.

jan2 LB 004

...probably will not see me living here!



pat garcia
Tony Farmer_ smith

tony farmer

Hate. Ignorance & intolerance -combined -will give us more Third Reich, Bosnia & Iraq idiocy. Bloodshed and mayhem will follow.  Madrianne Arvore wrote, “Hate cages all the good things about you”. Hate less, live longer. Pat Garcia & Farmboy show us pool love in a hateful world. Thanks to Brian Walnum & MRZ for the images. Go skate & don’t hate. Ozzie


2 thoughts on “Hate- cruel as stone knives.

  1. definitely. Hate leads to the things which I call Soul Rot. Can’t skate tho—I have the coordination of a dead frog. lol So, rip a good run for me!

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