brant austin -fs air


tristan rennie- 11 years old!

I have little to say lately. The holidays are fast approaching & I don’t really care for them. I am currently speaking with Steve Caballero & we are working on a long post about his career & life…it’ll be a few more days before its ready. If I don’t post before Thanksgiving, I want everyone else to have a nice holiday. Thanks to MRZ & Peter King for the images. Please go Skate-Ozzie


4 thoughts on “laconic.

  1. Ozzie, Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for keeping me cheered up with your stories while I am broken. See you soon. M

  2. definatlly have a happy thanksgiving, be thankfull for all the pools and pals that go along with them

  3. You have a Happy Thanksgiving as well Ozzie. I’ll call you later. Clay & I are ripping on Thanksgiving morning if it’s not raining.
    Peace, Jimbo

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