Z-boy Tony Alva

Tony Alva-at his home in Coldwater Canyon L.A. April 09

TA @ El Cajon…skating after some fisticuffs.

Some things are incredible all by themselves. Some lights burn brighter than all those around them. Some things are more powerful than paragraphs. Tony Alva. He lit the proverbial fuse & nothing has ever been the same for me …or for many others! Fini. Special thanks to Jim Goodrich for the images. Skate Long-Ozzie


7 thoughts on “Z-boy Tony Alva

  1. TA, the man behind the legend, will people ever really know what he really thinks and what is for show?….not sure, but his path has laid a foundation for Hosoi, then Lutzka and who know who will follow this glamourous path….a true visionary, like hunter s…

  2. he was more of a rebel than jay was.throwing a tv off the hotel balcony in hawaii 1979 is one classic story.stories of him with bunker spreckles were good also.

  3. No question, TA was light years ahead of us all- My mentor, and the Man who set the Style. Not sure about that bottom photo Oz- Looks like Solo Scott to me.


  4. thank the skate gods for T.A. without him who knows what we would be doing today so thank you T.A. and OZZIE for the rad site.

  5. Nothing has ever been the same for me either.

    So, should I blame Alva for the fact that, at 46 and with a prosthetic knee, I’m totally intent on putting a half pipe (for me) in our backyard?

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