Steve Alba.

Salba - FS grind 4-finger gnar gnar

Salba- BS air side stairs, Gonzales Pool.

Steve Alba- Upland Pipeline

Steve Alba has been a very influential person in my life. I remember seeing him in the magazines & being stoked on him back in the late 70’s. I rode a Salba Kryptonics K-Beam in 79. While at Woodward one hot August day in 93 or 94, I was hanging out with Andy Macdonald, as he was my assistant there. He told me that Rhino, Preston, Bacon , 540 Slide, and himself,  all would drive from San Diego to ride Baldy with Salba. Salba then took the crew to some backyard pools to finish off the day!

I was stoked. I really wanted to go to Baldy & it looked like this was my chance…finally! I had dreams of going to Baldy throughout my youth. So, the next ASR tradeshow in September of that year, I flew out from Woodward. Andy phoned Salba & they took me to Baldy for my first time ever! I had waited nearly 20 years to ride  that thing. There is so much history there. It felt like church or Mecca for me. We rode backyards as well & I still have a photo album of memories from that day.

I am a vert guy & I remember at one pool, I kickturned over the light & ran into the plastic drain cover…breaking it. Muck flew all over me & the pool. Salba bitterly told me to ” clean that shit up, you Pennsylvania pussy.” Chastised thoroughly, I was humbled & recall being absolutely dumbfounded as he pulled  FS  5-0 grinds in the shallow end of this pool we went to.

Amazed! I was truly amazed. He did the box both ways, shallow stairs & pulled rock n rolls & airs. I am forever indebted to him for the inspiration. He makes me want to be a better skateboarder…. Thanks to Jim Goodrich, Brian Walnum & Bryce Kanights for the stellar images. Skate Long/Skate Strong-Ozzie


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  1. Hi Ozzie, after reading your blog on Salba it got me to understand you from a different perspective;
    provably you don’t realize how great is is for me to find a friend such as yourself.
    as you might recall I do know “a lot of people”, but in this life personally I only pick two persons to be friends with, one was my guitarist in my band from when I was in college and you.
    my son is my best friend, but he is a gift from the almighty and he is my spawn, there is a lot of people that you know for this or another reason and they grow into you, but do you remember when I went to the mission on a day that I was early to go to work and asked for the person in charge?
    you was very humble and welcoming, we talked for a while we discovered that there was a way for us to do some projects together and we did, like the fundraiser for that kid that got killed by his father just for Skating, the very first stop for the T.H. tour and remember S.U.A.T. after 9-11?
    well back to the story of me reading the blog and why you remind me of myself; the reason is that it seams that you fell some kind of blessing for hanging out with this skate-gods, that is how I felt when I got to know my friend Ozzie.

    Mario Valdivia

  2. I like sk8ing with Salba. He’s got the crazy lines, makes you try stuff and calls you a pussy if you don’t. That’s what friends are for.

  3. yah what bill said!!! his triple carve over the light in (either) under the influence (or was it in a badlands adventure?) = insane! endless lines…

  4. salba definatly has a way about him, and a way around any pool he gets his wheels on true ripper and legend

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