raining on my parade

rainbow rain dance

raining & draining....

I know of few things in life that can  bring me down. Rain certainly is one of them, though. Its raining right now. Skies like lead, are stretching out over all my pools. I stand in the yard & turn in every direction. Clouds have us ‘socked in’ & I can see snow on the nearby hills- higher up. I was to ride with some stellar pool pals today, but it appears that it may be a lonely DVD Saturday. I know that I will read. I read -almost-daily. Currently, I am finishing , ‘Vulgar Favors’ by M. Orth. It’s a book about Andrew Cunanan. Interesting. But, back to storms and rain. I know that we need the rain, but I also know that I will be the one draining all the pools that we have going, after the storms cease.  Its a double-edged sword. I am trying to get some writing done & I have planned a  surprise -forthcoming -for my pool pals out there. Have a rad day. Here is a great image from Jim Goodrich to keep everyone stoked. Thanks Jim! Skate-Ozzie

Tony Alva- Malibu 1978


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  1. Pizza Grip! I remember that shot from the mag, so classic.
    Up here we love hearing Californians complain about their weather.
    I dig your blog, keep it up.

  2. I don’t know how those guys in the Northwest deal with it. It would explain the ripping up there, cuz’ you gotta’ get it when you can! And when you’re finally skating you gotta’ push it in to overdrive!!
    We’re catching some of your storm here in Az., and I just got our bowls dry again. Now we gotta’ go back, dry em’, and fix whatever cancer has evolved. I feel your pain……….-W

  3. the rain is a bummer but we do need it i guess, but i use it to slow down and let my body and mind heal themselves

  4. ever go through a day or so of cloudiness and think “why am i so down?” your body needs the sun. i’ve heard that some people just need it. the people that live in seattle apparently don’t (as much).

    i don’t mind a rainy day now and then but when it falls on a friday )fridays are halfdays for me) = ultimate bummer!

    what bums me out more than rain on a saturday is being sick though. and what’s worse is when a friend is the one passing on the germs via high fives and the devil’s lettuce. if i had done something like gone out to a bar and picked up this bug getting wasted or something equally pointless, fine. i deserve it, i guess. but i didn’t. i got it from my best friend who got it from a friend of his via sharing the devil’s lettuce. and high fives were passed out as well. come on, dude. where is the consideration of friends i once felt? “how are you feeling?” something i never here anymore except from my best friend. oh well…

    oh well, i’ll be saying hello to the clouds you just said goodbye to!

  5. “If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if the simplest things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive.”

  6. I know that we need the rain. I even thought of going to Vans just to get on my board but then thought of all the little kids everywhere made me figure that there are lots of things to do around the house that got put off by past skate sessions.Rain still bums me put anyways!

  7. its a el nino year.looks close to the 82-83 winter.too soon to tell.hawaii just had a 40 yr swell and california also.too wet to skate.surf. indoor parks should be booming.jay adams has been on fire on the north shore lately.

  8. What Ozzie said!! The rain leads to a horribly polluted ocean which I can’t surf in until 72 hours after the rain abates.

    And we’re trying to plan for/put up a half pipe in the backyard. The rain is slowing that project down as now I have to wait for both the rain to stop and the ground to dry out.

    Yeah, I know we need it badly, but I don’t like the rain at all.

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