Bad Billy Rix.

His name is confined to two words— ‘Bad Billy’. He was a Redondo Beach surfer,  but started skating hard around 2000, I believe. He hooked up with Salba at the Vans Ontario park & began skating backyards. He has become an integral part of the Badlands crew. Bad Billy is always down to help out  a bro, drain a pool, or drive the grid. His advice is confined to two words—‘Lick it’! Thank you to PK for the ‘drop in’ image & thank you to Toby Burger for the crew overview photograph. Skate Long/Skate Strong-Ozzie

Bad Billy- BS Box, Badlands

Billy & crew of pool pals...our typical Sunday in Salbaland.


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  1. I’m from NC and earlier this summer I was working out in San Diego. I made the drive up to Lake Forest to skate Etnies. No one was really skating the skull bowl there except for one guy – Bad Billy. Really cool guy and fun to skate with, now I know he’s a SoCal legend. Wow.

  2. Bad “Mutha F#%K’n” Billy-the Native American man, the myth, the legend of Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Redondo Beach and now finally the Badlands.

    My most memorable image of Billy happened in the opening stages of the first Fontana skatepark. Salba and I were leaving the park, while we waited at the intersection Billy pulled next to us to make a right turn. I look over and see him with a huge grin, smoking a bomber of a joint. He looked right at us and acted like he was gonna throw it and we bust up laughing. There goes Billy, driving down the street in his work truck smoking a bomber, smoke trailing out the window as he drove off into the sunset down San Bernardino ave. Classic Billy.

    From then on Billy began the arduous task of learning the ropes of Badlands skateboarding. He has drained and skated more pools than most people will ever know. He used to be Billy “long hair” until Salba made some bet with him that he lost and was literally scalped. A former resident of the Ridiculous house, he helped maintain the status quo and uphold the code of ethics. We’re glad to have him on our team, although sometimes we think its a curse.

    Oh yeah, he was an integral part of opening up the fire pools of San Bernardino with us. He worked his ass off and earned his spot.

    One time, at pool on the hill. We get to the top, me Salba and Billy, and there’s water in the pool and the buckets are in the truck. Billy volunteered to “run” back and get the buckets. Rad, its roughly a quarter mile thru dense brush on a steep hillside that falls away with each step. And its hot. Then thru a ravine of thickets that render your socks useless with each pass. He brought the buckets back in record time and didn’t complain. I shot video of it that will eventually be seen when the Fire Pools documentary gets made.

  3. yeah billy!!!!!! really nice seeing on this pics!
    u got to come over some time man, we don´t have the same pools, but some are also very cool as well!
    best wishes bra!

    • hey thanks ozzie…toby…pam…andre…bill…rebecca…and partain!!! i will keep the badlands pools going forever!!! so yes…you all are cursed to be having fun and heckling the hell outta eachother while searching & draining & riding pools!!! thatza nice curse i hope you all enjoy!!!

  4. Mr. BAD!
    Always going for the grind! Good to see such wonderful words about a true to heart skater. Keep killin’ it Billy!

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