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Priorities. This Christmas eve, I thought I had it all in order. Dawn patrol.  I started with a 5am wakeup, including coffee & warm fleece.  Bundled up, I hit the dark dawn highway. The backseat was stuffed with a pool pump, hoses, extension cords, generator, brooms, buckets, turkey baster (for getting in the drain), and other assorted tools & towels. One day,(back in 03) in the San Fernando valley, Steve Olson called me the “Martha Stewart of pool skating.” He had seen the assortment of stuff I carry. None of which is my original idea. Salba has been doing this much longer than I! Anyway, By 7am, I was in the deep end of a bent square nearby. I slipped down the waterfall & fell in. OMG! It was so cold! Then, I laughed at my stupidity & drove back home to change. I returned to the pool & the generator wouldn’t start. So, I took it by a repair shop that opened at 9am. The worker told me it was “iffy”, that it would be repaired today. I drove back to another pool & ended up with a real estate agent & the police department visiting me, on this fine Christmas eve. The law enforcement officer just wanted to be sure that I was not involved in the misappropriation of anothers property. He told me to”scram”, which I did. I decided to drive home & end the day by running 5 miles & doing crunches until I thought I’d puke up my spleen! Nice. Masochism. I did end up getting the generator repaired & draining a few today. I saw the sunset, as I drove back to the ‘highlands’. Christmas eve. Keeping it real. Skate-Ozzie


5 thoughts on “Eve.

  1. So this is christmas,
    I hope you had fun,
    I tried draining pools
    wound up with none…
    Have a very merry christmas
    and a happy new year,
    We’ll skate tomorrow
    Shredding without any fear….

  2. Thanks for trying. It was probably best we didn’t hit any pools. I have bad luck with the police department. remember that a real estate doesn’t “own” the house they are trying to sell. They are just going to make money on the deal. see you at fontana on Sunday. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Airs and Happy Grinding !
    Thanks Ozzie for all the things you do , stay true stay free ! skate strong !

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