Jim & Clayton Howell.

Clayton Howell @ Ridiculous.

Jim & Clayton Howell. The Badlands.

Jim & Clayton -worshipping at the big round church.

I remember waking up one cold, snow-filled, Christmas morning. I believe it was 1977. The smell of hot chocolate & bacon, filled the air. Bach or Vivaldi was playing on the big stereo in the corner. The pine tree smelled amazing & glittered like a prize in the front window; spangled in silvery tinsel, colored glass balls & festive decorations. I opened a package that my dad handed me. He had a grin on his face. It turned out to be a set of new skateboard trucks. Suregrip trucks, to be exact. I was so stoked. However, I bet my dad wasn’t though. After breakfast & for the entire duration of Christmas day, I was down in the basement, riding my quarter-pipes. FRUMP,CLANK, FRUMP,CLANK, FRUMP… My best pal, Jim Howell, has a son–Clayton. Jim makes sure of one thing always. Wherever they live, they have a place to ride.They have always had a ramp on their property. Clayton & Jim ride together regularly. Clayton…make sure you thank your dad! I want to thank mine as well. Thanks! Treat your family well today. Thank you to Brian Walnum for the images. Skate-Ozzie


5 thoughts on “Jim & Clayton Howell.

  1. dads are always stoked on their kids as long as the kids are stoked no matter what it is, even more stoked when they get better than dad

  2. my dad taught me how to be humble, smooth and to treat people better than you..no matter their position in life….here is to dads….love them rip

  3. My Dad had me on a surfboard before I was walking and on a clay wheeled Black Night not long after that. 45 yrs later and now 70, he’s still as stoked as any grom and I thank him daily for his influence and general warping of my psyche. I’ve had many moments with him like the one you describe above Ozzie, and don’t think for a second you’re Dad wasn’t as stoked as you were, maybe even more. Happy Holidays.

  4. my first board was a hobie.i used to rattle up and down the driveway all day.those clay wheels made you deaf with every crack.

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