Here today, gone tomorrow.

The sweetness.

refreshing sweetness.


the agony of defeat...



There are times when we lose. We know that all skate spots fall by the wayside & are lost to us. Its only a matter of time. This one was of the ‘epic’ variety. A true ‘Ten-minute miracle’ pool. We would stealth & ride it for ten minutes only, then be ghosts & disappear into the shadows. If you didn’t spend those ten minutes wisely…you lost. We sat on it, periodically tasting of its perfect sweetness. One day, it was filled; a swimmer. The house was watched by realtors.  Finally, about 9 months later, it was gutted. The house reduced to only studs & framework. The coping was man-handled & off in most places. We were -collectively-appalled. We pumped it out & Salba got a few turns in it, but it went the way of the dinosaur. This week, Sam & I found her in ruin. Fini. Skate & appreciate …it might be gone the next time you visit. Ozzie


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  1. i understand about the here today, gone tomorrow. i am one of less than 10 that capitalized on hurricane Katrina down here in Louisiana. on a trip to Houston in 03 i acquired a severe case of the blue tile fever, got to skate my first backyard pool (having seen it in magazines for 20+ years) thanks to Frank Gardner and some of the other locals, that’s the first time i heard the term FEMA. Frank told us that the neighborhoods that flood in Houston would get bought out by fema and the houses would get leveled, to create a flood plain. i distinctly remember talking to my friend Randy and one of us saying “wish we had flooded neighborhoods where we live” we got back from Houston and started searching like crackheads for rocks. we bought a 3 inch trash pump, and scoured the city via globexplorer (another tip from Texas) before Katrina we had three pools that we cleaned and skated, none were anything to write home about. August 29 2005 changed all that forever. we drained, cleaned and skated right around 50 pools in and around New Orleans, would have had alot more had it not been for a certain peanut. that pool was so amazing and beautiful, i got my first ever frontside grind on real pool coping in her. that pool was is and will always be the best thing i have ever skated, we skated that pool every weekend for about a year. there was nobody there, the city was mostly empty, so we had more pools than we could even think about skating, but we settled in on this peanut we had others we would skate, but peanut was the only one we wanted to ride, then one day the NOPD shows up and tells us to leave, that was the beginning of the end, apparently some neighbors had moved back in across the fence from the parking lot. and weren’t to keen on seeing an abandoned apt complex heavily trafficked. so the police were called and the pool stopped. we, as i said had several others to skate, but that peanut was the one… we still have one that we hit up all the time, it’s a blue capsule, perhaps you have seen it in thrasher. we still search them out, the city is about full again and the pools are more scarce. but we still have our pump and willing people so we still skate pools down in Louisiana

  2. I was lucky to ride it once. It was full of construction debris and half the coping was gone. That was my only chance. I carved over the light both ways and bounced around through the shallow end while the neighbor’s dog barked non stop. It was sick even in that state. I loved it. Rode for maybe 5 minutes total and took a few pics. I’m glad I did!

    Sick lines & good times!

  3. wow…i came so close making the box with 3 pieces we put together that last day with sean…ed…salba…i kept bashin the two copings on the side and they’d lift up every time…and stopped me on a dime at the box!!! well at least we did some killer grinds on the broken-ass tiles that would brake everytime we’d grind…salba & i!!! and sean was blasting frontside airs like he did at upland 4 yrs. ago!!! and ed did the usual ed no grind!!! but he carved amazingly before dark!!! that was a gnarly mission…in front neighbors all out and about and looking at us and wondering why were their!!! their was alot concrete we cleared out of that pissy ass water…that was the stinkiest crap water that stunk so bad…even when we came back and it was all dried and ready for us…it still stunk bad!!! well that’s life when your having fun!!!
    in a sense…believe me…she was like the hottest girlfriend you ever had…and her dad wouldn’t let you date her…their would be dogs barking all the time…to say hello…i’m here!!!…that always sucked ass…cuz you know you only have 10-15 min to have fun with her!!! so you’d sneak through the backyard…just to get some foreplay…and then right as your getting some…and your feeling it’s so good!!!…then all the sudden…your getting yelled at…get off my daughter!!!…so you put your shorts back on…and run like like hell…and hopefully a black & white is not waiting for ya…so the point i’m trying to make…is, every pool to me…is like a new girlfriend…and when it gets bad and it’s over…you have to accept that’s one pussy your never ever get to ride again!!!…sorry if anyone is don’t me!!! i am a bildo at times!!! so their!!! you go find another new virgin to ride or if your lucky…like me at sometimes…i get to ride her for the summertime next year!!! country club i hope she R.I.P.

  4. I dunno…I don’t skate so you tell me, isn’t that the joy (and heartbreak) of it all – that each run could very well be your last at that spot?

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