Buy it in bottles.

Steve Schneer- Heineken pool, 1979

“Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder.” “I never use alcohol unless its woman-related.” “There are better things in life than alcohol, but alcohol makes up for not having them.”  As you can see, the quotes & quips continue. I envy people that can drink. I -for one- cannot. I have said it before & gladly repeat it here; “I am allergic to alcohol. I break out in handcuffs.” I haven’t had a drink since March of 2004. Not one drop.

I haven’t had an altered thought, since February 4th, 2008, when I gave up all drugs. I have watched pool pals, arrive to skate & they just cruise around; not really pulling anything gnar.  However, they drink several tall cans & its off -the- hook! I have seen several notable pool riders that CANNOT skate very rad at all, without liquid courage. I’m amazed at times. I understand completely. The first time I drank, it worked. I felt the warmth of alcohol, pissing down my spine & I knew that everything was going to be just fine!

Booze carried me through a great deal of horror & sleepless nights. It cruised me through breakups, makeups, wakeups and injuries. However, I recall, waking up on a Saturday morning, feeling like I had the ‘zachlees’. My mouth tasted exactly like a camel shit in it & my head hurt abysmally. The night before, was an unending barrage of Rum & cokes, cocaine (which is something I cant refuse after I start drinking), & god knows what else. The last thing I wanted to do, was load my pool pump into the car & drive to Salbaland to skate.

I went & ate eggs, drank a few beers to get my pulse regular…and the next thing I know, it was Monday afternoon. The police were cuffing me & all I could see was asphalt, boots & the underside of a car. Jeez!  So, you can see, “I know, that you can buy it in bottles & I know you can find it in pills…I know it all so very well.” I also know, that its the end of my existence, if I do partake. I have lost my right to chemical peace of mind. If you drink, have one for me …pool pals! Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image of alcohol & bliss…Skate-Ozzie


13 thoughts on “Buy it in bottles.

  1. sober 2 yrs. Ain’t easy sometimes, but worth it, cuz the other way doesnt work for me. thanks for the post – lot’s of sober soldiers out there!

  2. ankle break, strawberry contest 2–alcohol related
    strawberry contest 1–weed—killed it

    love my medical marijuana…..helps smooth out the kinks and inspires new insights to new lines in a pool situation.

    to each their own….can’t skate drunk though…get hurt—most of the time, although
    ganja—and skating go together like chocolate and peanut butter

  3. everbody has their demons or vices.if a person can skate a pool better loaded or stoned so be it.lung cancer is the #1 killer now.

  4. you don’t need that shit, better to do it sober and remember than loaded and remember it all distorted

  5. I come from a family with alcohol-related “issues”. My dad, his brother and their dad were all alcoholics. Early on, my mom told me I’d have to be careful with alcohol or anything addictive. I will always appreciate her candor with me about that. As a result, I will take two drinks and stop. I’ve never been drunk. My son is 7. I’ve already begun talking to him about our family history and his need to watch his own behavior when he gets older. We are addictive people. I choose surfing and working out over drugs and alcohol. In the end, I believe it’s just a matter of learning how to channel our addictive energy.

  6. all or nothing…and we search to find the balance, not even sure there is one. I’m pretty sure there is, as I’ve danced on the edge of it a few times here and there.

  7. i have a similar reaction to getting loaded, wasted on the couch was funner than skateboarding… how could that be? skateboarding was the first tangible thing that made me feel alive! yet i gave it away. i know a ton of skateboarders that cannot function without that “crutch” Fear is a motherfucker and i never could escape it in a bag or bottle or can, it still lives with me, it makes my coffee in the morning most days. but i’m learning to walk through it more and more every day. cleaning up is the most hardcore thing one can do. i think DP said that in some video i saw. but it’s true. and alot of folks are waking up to that fact, so glad i put that shit down when i did. i got clean at 22 years old, i’ll be 40 in june. and not to sound like an after-school special, it was the best decision i ever made.

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