Scott Ward

FS grind-Badlands

FS lipslide=Ridiculous

Indy-Buster Haltermans barn ramp-PA. 99'

FS tailslide.

“This kid is a snot-nosed, little pusscake!” This was precisely the thought that popped into my head when I first met Scott at Buster Haltermans house, back in 89′. Buster has a huge vert ramp in his barn and we would all ride there together as often as possible. Scott was a little fuck- face , who skated better than -virtually- everyone else. He acted like he was better than us as well. He & his little buddies made fun of me. I think I wanted to beat on him for an hour. I told him to “Eat a shit sandwich”. Being as I was a walking roll of duct tape, and looked like I walked out of a really terrible ‘Dokken’ or ‘Poison’ video, didn’t help too much. Scott was 16 years old and-already – ‘ruling it’ on vert. I really thought he was a dick. But, then I had the opportunity to get to know Scott….and you want to know something? He was a dick! Eventually, Scott ended up in California & started riding pools with me. His ‘dickness’ remains, but he sure can skate!  Skate long and remember, if someone seems like a dick when you meet them, chances are….they are. Just Kidding. I love Scott- Pool Pals for life-Thank you Zach Petschek, MRZ, Caleb Smith & Peter King for the images.Skate-Ozzie


6 thoughts on “Scott Ward

  1. When I first met Scott, he was my boss. That guy was always asking me to do this, do that, clean this, clean that. What a dick!

  2. One time Scott saw one of my front wheels fall off at Waggy’s ramp just as I was about to drop in…he didnt try to warn me. Dick!!! xox chris

  3. Its only satire…I love Scott. He’s one of my best friends in the world. I told him that I wanted to post his pictures & he said, “Only if you crush me!”… I crushed him…Ozzie

  4. Geez Ozzie! If that’s how you talk about your friends I’d hate to be your enemy! Scott seems like a perfectly fine young man to me.

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