Stacy Peralta- in the San Fernando valley -1978.

“There is Hindu belief, Christian belief, the Buddhist, innumerable dogmas & national ideologies, all contending, trying to convert each other. One can see-obviously-that belief is separating people, creating intolerance. One must know oneself as one is, not as one wishes to be.” Belief destroys. I believe that I will just avoid the argument & go skate. In skating, we are all pals. Thanks to Krishnamurti for opening my eyes & Jim Goodrich for feeding them with his images. Skate-Ozzie


3 thoughts on “Belief.

  1. Ah, belief. People get mad at me because (1) I’m not a believer in anything in particular and (2) believe it’s impossible to know the truth about creation, therefore I see no reason to discuss it.

    What I do believe is that people (regardless of race, country or religion) should stop looking for reasons to justify killing and hating one another. What I do believe is that the world would be a better place if everyone believed in respecting his or her fellow man or woman.

    I also believe everyone should pray for surf.

    Hey, Ozzie! Take a look at my blog, please, and tell me how we can get this damn pole out of the ground!

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