Ron Hudgins- breaking barriers @ 'Massage bowl'--1977

“To discipline one’s self-that is the highest thing. The man who does not wish to be merely one of the mass, only needs to cease to be easy on himself.” Friedrich Nietzche

Perhaps he was on to something. Since I became clean & sober, I have been terribly hard on myself. I run, workout, eat strictly & hunt constantly for pools. I ask more of myself than anyone could ever ask of me. Discipline of ourselves is difficult…and takes more courage than most people realize. Have you ever tried to stop drinking, smoking, using profanity, avoiding members of the opposite sex, or anything along those lines? Have you ever tried to lead an abstemious life? It is excessively difficult. Bruce Lee wrote, “We are born to achieve great things, if we have the strength to conquer ourselves.” I am 46 years old & am trying to learn new things while skating. New tricks, better shallow speed lines, consistency, and on-and-on. I find it terribly difficult to learn at my age. Especially when I have been riding a skateboard in the same manner for over 35 years! I have also been thinking & acting in the same selfish manner just as long. Its almost too hard. Change in life. Discipline yourself. Try something new. Push the limits you have previously set, and you might find yourself on new ground. That wouldn’t be a bad thing , would it? Thanks again to Jim Goodrich for the inspiration & image. Push yourself & skate-Ozzie


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  1. Burn the bat…baseball isn’t your thing.

    Change isn’t hard, keeping things the same is difficult….that’s the struggle, the cause for discontent. Perhaps the one thing that makes change seem so daunting is the unknown. When it comes to changing something inside of me, such as a long held false belief, the thing that trips me up is not knowing exactly what to believe at that point. I only know the old belief has to go.

    But the unknown is really just the birthplace of miracles. And so, uncertainty is where the adventure really lies.

    I don’t know much but I know that Love isnt’ harsh or demanding…it is patient with whatever process is going on. It focuses on great successes, on the wonderful things. (I also know I don’t love myself enough.) Question remains: Do you show yourself enough love in this awesome evolution/transformation?

  2. I loved that. You write some great stuff. I have the kind of dad that has a lot of self control. Impulsive is a word that used to pop up a lot when I was a kid. As in quit being impulsive. Grr.
    keep up with the good stuff.

  3. people are social animals and to some extent we care what people think of us and we try to act accordingly, so stay true to yourself and ask your good friends for a little help every once in awhile.

  4. Change is not that hard, Ozzie. You and I are the same age so I do understand. The key is to changing one thing at a time. For instance, since having my knee replaced, I cannot crouch on a board like I used to. So, I tend to bend at the waist, thinking I’m crouched down. Wrong!! That’s not stylish at all . . . at least not to me. During today’s session, my mantras were “move or die” (a reminder to me to walk to the nose of the board) and “stand strong and tall” (a reminder not to bend over). Granted, there are a bunch of other things I need to work on with my surfing. But today was all about making myself stop that stupid bend (as I usually will walk the board without reminding myself). Oh! And, yes, I achieved my goal today.

    One thing at a time. That is the key.

  5. your brain lies to you, just like mine does, and has all my life, trick is to learn to stop relying on the information it gives

  6. babe ruth lived on junk food.the rest is history.terry bradshaw used to party before every game.he has 4 rings.enough said

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