Pool Pals.

pool pals-Gonzales pool. 15 Oct 2000. R.I.P. --Mr. Gonzales.

Jim Howell & me.

Tony Alva- 52 yrs old & still doing all that is required!

Salba & Toby Burger- drain & broken glass work.

doug kinkade, lance mountain, ozzie, josh borden

doug kinkade, lance mountain, ozzie, josh borden.

After my 2000 birthday session at Gonzales pool, Tony Farmer sent me a drawing done by the late Matt Neely. It is of a kidney pool with a palm tree on the hip & has small cartoon figures pointing into the deep end. In the lower corner it says, ‘Pool Pals’. After that session & upon receiving the drawing, I sat & thought about how amazing pool skating is. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Matt Neely, but I think I understand what drove him. I have been using the term, ‘Pool Pals’ ever since. No matter what you’ve done in our sport, no matter who you are, you must do the work. You must put your time in & help. Pools won’t become empty or cleaned by themselves. Salba states that if outsiders want to come ride Badlands pools, they must help us drain one first. In these images, you will see, Doug Kinkade, Toby Burger, Lance Mountain, Salba & TA among others. All are in the pool, by the drain & working or ‘supervising’. Pool Pals. Down for life. Thanks to Bryce Kanights , Brian Walnum & Peter King for the images- Dedicated to Matt Neely R.I.P.-Skate long- Ozzie

addendum- received email wondering about gonzo grp shot- L-R, Tyco, Farmer, Andy Mac, Bryce Kanights, Me, Mr. G, Rhino, Shaggy, Nick Henderson, Ray Flores, Buster Halterman, Scott Ward, Dave Ferry…and a bunch of others…Thnks.-Ozzie


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  1. we were 3 in december with a heat gun and a leaf blower, chipping of the ice and blowing it dry.this was the last sesion of this closed down motel.it was just 1 degre above frezing,we were pool feinds indeed.
    when we finished the sesion the snow had just started.we knew we had the last one. till spring we meet again!

  2. Sharing this because I thought it was cute….we went to Belmar’s a few weeks ago after a rain. We arrived 1st, Gable shorly after. Bill and Gable jumped in and starting filling the bucket. Tristan was assigned to the squeegee. He ran around the ‘puddle’ directing the water toward the pump. His face showed deep concentration and determination to get it done so he could skate. After all was said and done he climbs out and I see him take off his shoes and start wringing out his socks. Luckily there was a dirty pair of his brothers (dry) socks in the car. When we got home he started packing a backpack that he said he needed to leave in the car. I asked him what was in it and he said, “Dry socks.”

    • Brother- I am ALWAYS ready. I hunt, drain & clean constantly. I do what is in my nature to do…and with 7 days of rain coming, I will be BUSY!-Ozzie

  3. Salba is right. nobody rides for free. once hurricane Katrina dumped a pool scene in our hands down here, we went to work! shoveling a little deep end mud is one thing, mud 6 to 10 inches thick and various types of storm debris from stairs to the drain is another. we have hours of video of us working, laughing and arguing while the pool was getting skate able. definitely the best days of my skateboarding life. and the original group of us draining and skating pools down here was so small, that we all thought we were sitting on the best secret in the skate world, and for a time we were, we still go out and find them but they aren’t as plentiful as then, most all the abandoned pools have sand in them now, and the city is way more alive than in those first years after the storm. waiting for hurricane season every year is kinda fucked up

  4. Cleaning is the underground and little known, but most important part of the pool skateboarding process. A good clean out means a great session. Imagine cleaning up the biggest, stinkiest, most disgusting mess you’ve ever seen and its in the best pool, what do you do? The younger guys don’t get it, because we do all the work, they don’t see all the effort. It’s like being a location manager for a spot you don’t technically run, but doing it professionally and seeing it through. Caressing virgin plaster and being the first to ride & grind or make the shallow stairs in a new spot is something I’ve grown accustomed to. By the time most others get their fill, we’ve already moved on with proof. This is where hard work and skateboarding converge. It’s through this ethic that true appreciation is achieved, honed and expressed to a level at which we see here today. It’s a major team effort and none of it would be possible without my trusted pool comrades in arms…Salba, Bad Billy, Oswald, Adam12, PK and our extended crew of social misfits. Thanks for all your hard work over the years, its an honor to work with you gentlemen. Now get out and live!!!

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