Steve Picciolo. R.I.P.

Dave Hackett was strongly influenced by Steven Picciolo. Steven was a great pool skater who-unfortunately-hasn’t received his due respect. Few have really heard his name. I recall magazine images of Steve. I have an image from ‘Skateboard World’ -etched in my mind- of Steven doing a FS air out of a pool. He has his name written on the bottom of his board. You cant see his face really well…but its a sick picture that stands out in my mind. He was ripping! He has passed away now, but his influence persists. Dave Hackett shared this eulogy recently & I post it here out of respect for both of them. Remember those that came before us. Steven Picciolo. R.I.P. -Skate-Ozzie

7 thoughts on “Steve Picciolo. R.I.P.

  1. Great Post Ozzie! I am sooo fuggin sick and tired of the true history of Skateboarding being re-written by people with a platform. Steve Picciolo rip.i.p

  2. I remember him well he skated Oxnard’s Endless Wave with me and a hand full of others … he would give me a hard time because I would tease him with his last name ! Piicccccciiioooolllooo I would say all slow and drawn out !
    great skater and yes never got credit …. Tony A. would steal it away , Tony would try to steal Jay’s thunder as well ! Steve you are missed ! at least when we all go ,the pool will be empty and cleaned and waiting in the shallow end will be Mr. Picciolo, so until then never forget and grind long and strong …………
    Thanks Ozzie……

    • Yes Mark! most people accept the Zboys re-written history…..& it was a good documentary….I know, I helped a little on it, but truth be told, Picciolo ruled! Miss u here at ‘ridiculous’ -Ozzie

  3. Too few people give props to those who helped to pave the way for the rest of us (no matter what the endeavor).

    I live by the motto “leave the past in the past,” but that doesn’t mean I ignore the importance of those who came before me. RIP S.P.

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