San Onofre. March 1978.

“Poverty- Having too much month left at the end of the money.” I found myself counting change tonight. I assure you, that I hold no shame in admitting to this or my own culpability, if I have a part in something. This however…was weather induced! The rain fell everyday this week & I cannot work in the rain. So, I found myself counting change. I have a total worth of $27.26. I have gas in the car, rice & beans and a few cans of tuna. I’m not really complaining though. I am not bummed or scared, and -actually-I am  pretty content. I want no sympathy. I want nothing. In AA, they told me, “Surrender, to win.” I think that I– now– know exactly what they meant by that. I am going to dream of huge full pipes to ride. Besides, I am wealthy in the things that truly matter. I have my sobriety, my health, my happiness & I can always bum a meal from my pool pals….Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image. Skate & stay dry. Ozzie


11 thoughts on “Broke.

  1. someone who means more to me than i could ever express drew a drawing for me and the caption says “your mouth is full, my heart is an apple”. something to remember…

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  3. Abundance is in many forms and the forms of abundance that matter most are not measured by a dollar. Contentment is one of the biggest hunks of gold.

    You know I count change all the darn time. lol It’s always an adventure to search the couch. Love ya, brother!

  4. We have abundance.

    1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply
    2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
    3. affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

  5. hey OZZIE come on over for dinner anytime, anyday of the week your more than welcome at my house

  6. i’m financially set for life, providing i die next week.

    we’re rich in pools, money never satisfied anyway.

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