Apres moi, le deluge.

Baldy pipe- the flood. 2004

Sam promoting ‘le deluge’.

early bird gets the worm

enjoying a beautiful day at the pool.

blue haven rocket pocket

tools of the trade.

'peanuts' work...

Michael Serna Jr. & I , drove to Orange County the other day. We met up with Josh Borden, Salba & Billy, to ride the Combi pool. It rained in a torrent. On the way home, we never went faster than 55mph. Cars were spinning out. It was a flood & it made me think. “Apres moi, le deluge.”  This quote has been attributed to the King of France- Louis XV. It means, “After me, catastrophe.” In 1997, San Diego resident, Andrew Cunanan, went on a cross-country murder binge…a ‘three month fever’. In this short span, he took the lives of five wonderful people before taking his own, to avoid accountability. Why do I tell you this? Well, a few years before, Andrew had written in his high school yearbook, the very quote, written above.  It seems he lived up to it. In his self-centered & ego-maniacal fashion, he was a catastrophe. His life was of a destructive nature. Conversely, when this quote is applied to me, it can be translated as, “After me, the flood.” However, mine is of a constructive nature. I drain pools. Although I flood the streets & gutters, I help make the air safe from smells & mosquitoes, and create a place where we can express ourselves…honestly. Bruce Lee stated that,  “…the true self is discovered in honestly expressing ourselves & our nature.”  I think that I believe that very thing. It is only in self-expression, that we are who we really are. Thanks to Mark ‘Peanut’ Phillips for a few of the  images.Skate long & just be yourself! -Ozzie

For more on Andrew Cunanan & the FBIs ineptitude- please read–

Vulgar Favors by Maureen Orth – Paperback – Random House

Three Month Fever: The Andrew Cunanan Story by Gary Indiana


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  2. We can drain in the rain, remove the three to four feet of water thats in them— that way– when it stops…its a quick handful of buckets & skate-time!

  3. Lucy, please ‘splain. We’re still in for more rain, so why are you draining now? Is it because you’ll still have most of the water out of these pools so when you drain them after the next rain, it won’t take long to have them ready to skate? Enquiring surfing minds want to know.

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