Sometimes, its better not to understand.

Chris Miller- Pier Park door. GULP!

As you are already aware, I posted a Chris Miller interview last week. Given the topic, it was greeted with enthusiasm. Thank you for reading. I received a few extra images from JGrant Brittain & this was one of them. Its hard for me to understand, how someone can get over that door! I see the image…but I’m still in disbelief. Maybe, I am not supposed to know. Its enough that Chris Miller & others like him can do it. I felt the same way after seeing Bob Burnquist wheel marks, in the dust, at 12 o’clock, on the ceiling of Baldy pipe…I stood there & stared. It was like skating with Salba, Tony Farmer, Sean Mazzo, Rick Charnoski & Buddy Nichols today. What a ‘wrecking crew’ of pool skaters! I wasn’t feeling it, so I grinded a few, then sat back & watched. I enjoy watching a heavy session just as much as skating in one. Sometimes, I have to know my place. Today was epic. Amazing things occurred. Some skaters simply operate at an entirely different level. Watching others re-establish the lines of what is possible on a skateboard, lifts everyone up…even if only for a moment. I cannot get that, sitting at home in front of a television. Anyway, enjoy. Chris Miller rules. Thanks to JGrant Brittain for the image.Skate- Ozzie


7 thoughts on “Sometimes, its better not to understand.

  1. I was witness to Salba making it over that thing for the first time and was lurking around when he was figuring it out. He would pop out of the bowl and ask me how things looked. I was stoked just to be there and even more stoked that Salba involved me in the process. A day I will always remember…. Making it over that thing is an amazing skate accomplishment.

  2. The older I get, the more I realize my inability to figure it out. Crazy,
    the laws of physics!

  3. Ozzie – don’t know if you’ve ever been up here, but really that photo doesn’t do justice to the gnarl factor of going over that door smooth…set some time aside for a NW roadtrip this summer, I’ll bet there’s a few things up here you would enjoy.

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