The start of something.



all of the elements...

Kobi Yamada stated, “Every now & then, bite off more than you can chew.”  I like the sound of that. Being defeated is only temporary…unless you give up. Jump a fence, drain a pool, try the deathbox….or the door at Pier Park; you never know. Do you? It could be the start of something. It could plant the seed of motivation to try something new– somewhere else. Where will you start? Thanks to Ray Zimmerman for the images-Skate-Ozzie


6 thoughts on “The start of something.

  1. i skated tthat last pool , i met some dudes at chino. they hook me up .
    was one of my firts pools , was so rad .

  2. Life is nothing short of an adventure. I dance on the threshhold of opportunity each day…some days, failing to dance through the gateway because I fail to notice when the music started.

  3. a surfer died yesterday in 12+ surf at newport. remember trix are for kids.know your limits

  4. rolling to the flow, embracing the now, the curved lines of pools past leave residue in my forgotten memories. Oh, the visions of plastered pleasure succumbing to the wills of lost souls seeking salvation through the confines of a circumventing circumstance.
    Blessings is those who follow the path .

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