Lords of Dogtown and the Dogbowl

TA & me… on the set at ‘Dogbowl’

TA- FS grind in ‘Dogbowl’. note sound boom mic

Back in 2004, Tony Alva kept me in the loop as they were filming the ‘Lords of Dogtown’ movie. On June 1st, I met him in Pasadena, Ca. where the ‘Dogbowl re-issue’ was being used for filming. I was told that the house belonged to a producer who agreed that the pool could be built for the film, as long as it was replaced with a long narrow ‘lap’ pool after filming wrapped. The pool was amazing. It was huge, smooth & fast. I rode several old Stacy Peralta boards & helped with the sound during some of the final shooting. It was great to meet some of those working on the film & to skate there with TA. The pool was destroyed & replaced after filming….much to my  dismay. Regardless, I had an amazing time & am grateful to have been there. Thank you to TA for the invitation. Skate-Ozzie


6 thoughts on “Lords of Dogtown and the Dogbowl

  1. Were you there when the director fell in the pool and cracked her head open? that was crazy. glad she is ok now. except she then went on to do twilight. 🙂

  2. love the movie…and thanks for the insight…wishes….call me ,i am ready for duty sir

  3. if only they could have built the pool somewhere permanent…i think the movie is rad.

  4. It’s not about the movie. It’s about the pool. It’s about the birth and death of a beautiful pool. I totally get it!

    With that said, I scoped the empty pool that’s a few blocks from my house. That thing is kidney-shaped and empty. The problem? The pool is surrounded by the house (which is also empty) and the house is locked up tight. Dammit!

  5. the movie was a flop.it was like a savebythebell special.with zach on a skateboard.blue crush did better because it had T&A in it.

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