Gonzales pool…again.

Ray Flores- found the Gonzales pool- 1977.

Gonzales pool. October 3, 2000

Gonzales. October 10, 2000.

Mr. Jose Gonzales & Tony Alva- July 1999

The Gonzales pool was found by Ray Flores in 1977. He kept it under wraps until Mr. G gave them permission to ride it on a regular basis. The Z boys kept it to themselves & the Gonzales  pool history was assured. Many amazing things were done there & barriers broken during its time. This is a dedication to Mr. Jose Gonzales, Ray Flores & Tony Alva. Thank you from all of us. Remember your skate history. It is truly important. Thank you to Bryce Kanights for the Ray Flores image. (notice the hand-drawn, Wes Humpston ‘Bulldog’ deck, Ray is riding) Skate Long-Ozzie


8 thoughts on “Gonzales pool…again.

  1. You truly are the glue…Said it before, I’ll say it again…You should write a book on skateboarding history. You’d do very well with that.

  2. ray flores owns the boardgallery in venice beach ca.still skates at 53 yrs old.you should do a profile on him and his skate collection.a real O.G.

    • thnks. i know Ray pretty well actually. yes, i have been thinking of doing something w him, but i need to finish Dave Hackett & Lance Mountain posts first. Ozzie

  3. I remember my history everyday. I’m thankful everyday that I found skateboarding. It’s been the thing that’s given me a reason to get up in the morning. Thanks to all the skaters around the world for giving me a community I can belong to. Thanks Ozzie for keeping all of us connected.

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