Lance Mountain…rules it!

Lance- rock-n-roll on hip. Los Angeles, Ca.

I am working with Lance Mountain on a retrospective of his skating years -thus far-& memories from touring with the Bones Brigade.  Lance has great stories from the history of our sport. He has led an extraordinary life & has a colorful, influential career in skateboarding. Many people out there, consider Lance an all-time favorite, myself included. I am trying to do this thing right. I will be posting it soon, as well as a David Hackett interview covering his life in skating.  Thank you everyone, for reading & checking in. Thanks to Peter King for the Lance image.Skate-Ozzie


6 thoughts on “Lance Mountain…rules it!

  1. if this post is anything like the Chris Miller post it will be awesome really looking forward to reading it

  2. Lance is, and will always be one of the raddest skaters out there. He not only rips, but he has more fun ripping then anyone else. Great skater, great person, great story. Thanks again!

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