Eddie Reategui- Obstacle pool. 1980s.

Life continues to throw roadblocks & obstacles in my way. Sometimes, I want to get a ‘rocket launcher’ and have a ‘clarification’ session! I guess I shouldn’t try to do the wrong thing. I haven’t had the practice –lately. Regardless, I just wish things would go right for a change. My cell phone was caught by a flying board on New Years day & the screen was cracked. I cannot get texts or see anything…but it receives calls. Today, it stopped functioning altogether after I dropped it in water….imagine that! Currently, I’m too broke to purchase a new one. I need to pay rent, buy food and– basically– keep a pulse in my body…ugh! To quote Bruce Lee– again– “Turn a stumbling block, into a stepping stone.” So it goes, on & on… Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image of Eddie @ the ‘Obstacle’ pool. It seems that Eddie found a way around things, so I guess I will too. I’m done whining. Skate & overcome. Ozzie


12 thoughts on “Adversity.

  1. Thank you everyone. I dried my phone out w a hair dryer and -miraculously-it wrks. screen still broke, cant see texts or numbers ..but it wrks. Virgin mobile yahooo….. thnk you …for the offers. u all rule it! Ozzie

  2. Who is your provider? If it is att, I have a first generation iPhone that I can send you. Your blog kicks ass and makes my day!

  3. ozzie…you killed it today with the frontside light & box…i was so proud of you!!! i have a at&t phone…and a sprint phone…call me up if one of those could help!!! and way to kick some major ass cleaning that shithole of a pool!!!…you fucken rule!!!

  4. There’s always an option…always…
    Must be the time of year cuz things here have hit a wall but damn, I’m an Ausband and we can do anything…there are no walls really with any of us…only the ones we don’t blow out of our way. (Making my metaphysical dynamite…want some?)

    Feels like good things are coming your way soon…in the meantime, follow the light at the end of the tunnel…it’s not a train…it’s all you.

  5. And so it goes, on and on and on…. I definitly know what you’re talking about, you know that! Keep the faith my brotha, shit always seems to turn itself around.
    Peace Ozzie

  6. A phone to me is a tool but it is also like an electronic leash. Somebody always has a handle on you. I’ve got two phones and my boss has both numbers. There’s such a thing as being too accessible. I envy you your unfortunate cel phone freedom. Payphones are the way to go. Stay under the radar Ozzie and keep it stealth. I’d smash mine if I could!

  7. my sister and her husband just got new phones. I will ask her what they did with their old phones. They may have donated them. But if they still have them, I will send you one. try and find out today and will get back to you. thanks for the blog ozzie…its my start in the morning

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