fish with a big lip & a tight box




I sat on the stairs...and stared.

‘pretty in pink’


"Find it, drain it, grind it, claim it."

‘Aesthetics’- concerning the appreciation for beauty or good taste. I have a strange fascination with pool hunting. I always look for pools that are pleasing to the eye. I seek out quiet cul-de-sacs, hiding right-hand kidney pools. I love huge green palm trees hanging overhead, rustling their fronds in the hot sun. I love pools without graffiti. I love the white plaster & glimmering blue-green tiles that march around the top curving lip. I love the shallow stairs ‘wedding cake’. I love the deathbox with all its inherent danger & pure absolute bliss. I love the aesthetics of backyard pools. I know that I am not alone. There is something that calls out to us when we see a mid- cup in the shadows of a palm tree. It calls to us…aesthetics. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate-Ozzie


9 thoughts on “aesthetics

  1. Straight ON POINT Post. Then aesthetics are hugely important in my opp. Even a rugged, gnarly aesthetic can bring out the soldier in the skater to fight to good fight. But when building a pool, I myself try 2 pay a hell of a lot of attention to the aesthetic!

    It’s kind’ve funny how the o.g. swimming pool builders came up with all this lovely stuff to hide under the water…

    • I don’t even skate pools anymore but I would come out of retirement (with my less than year old titanium knee) to skate that beauty! Love those billiard balls.

  2. i love backyard pools , there is nothing like a hip with 3 feet of vert on it .
    the sound of your wheels screeching on that tight tranny .

  3. i love the smell of stagnant water along with a love for 5 gallon buckets, and it’s not because i paint houses for a living, love the posts, keep it up, my best pool bud Randy was at your house a couple of days ago, hope y’all got to meet, life is good! SAINTS play their biggest game tomorrow and i found the LIVE AND LET DIE pool on google earth last night!

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