soul bowl 1976

To be soulful. Surfers speak of it often. I have been told that when a person is surfing, they feel as though they are a part of the ocean; at one with nature. It stirs something within them and makes them feel complete & at peace. Time ceases to exist. It is only them & the ocean. All life has come full circle. I think that this is probably true as well with skateboarding. Maybe, I don’t have the moving, rolling green sea around me, but the feelings that skating evokes, are the same. I am one in the moment–complete. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the ‘Soulbowl’ image. Go skate & escape. -Ozzie


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  1. very well put OZZIE i have been fortunate enough to have had a couple of soulful moments the last was at your house a rare happening it was just the kid and i at sunset no words were spoken yet we knew what each other were thinkng. thank you for this site you rule!!!

  2. At this point, I think pool skaters have access to more soul than surfers do. Soul, for me, comes from making a connection with the wave, with the ocean, while you’re on the board. It’s just you, the board and the wave. Unfortunately, crowded lineups make it hard to find soulful moments in the water. You can’t connect with the ocean when you’re being dropped in on or avoiding wayward board.

    I think that’s why I’ve built the ramp in the backyard. When it’s just you, a skateboard and the pool/ramp, you’ve got the opportunity to connect with whatever it is that makes you soulful when you’re on your board.

    When I surf at uncrowded breaks, I definitely have soul. I can feel it. But when it’s crowded, the soul of the moment rarely materializes.

  3. Ozzie, you use your tongue purtier than a two dollar hooker. ditto! ok enough with the blazing saddles dialogue. just rolling down to the grocery on my cruiser for half and half is an amazing thing and i don’t do it enough. last time i was in a pool my back stopped working, and having no insurance to go with the hospital bills makes skateboarding a delicacy, so it means that much more to me to cruise around on mine, we are embarking on the “live and let die” pool soon, probably going to just hit them for permission, will keep you updated

  4. You are very correct. When times are tuff such as loosing a loved one or stressful things going on in general, to skate a pool or catch a good north or south swell is therapeutical. I know from experience when doing either of the two it has helped my mind not to focus on what’s going on in life, but enjoy the hour or two that you are out there doing something you have a passion for. Good one bro!

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