Jim Goodrich.

Goodrich & Gator watching Caballero at Del Mar- 1980.

Jim Goodrich- photographing 'Hobie team' rider at Escondido contest.

Gator- Arizona- early 1980s

Jim Goodrich has photographed many of skateboardings early stars & icons. Jim started -graciously- sending me images for use on ‘Blue Tile Obsession’, along with Grant Brittain, Ray Zimmerman, Glenn E. Friedman, Bryce Kanights, Peter King & others. I am fortunate indeed & thank them at every opportunity. Their photographic images help raise the level of any project.

Yesterday, Jim celebrated a birthday & I felt it appropriate to send him our-collective- appreciation for his years of hard work & talent. He started skateboarding in 1976, and later that year, fractured his arm & wrist. He told me that he began photographing his skate pals while recovering. Discovering the La Costa skate scene in late 1976, led him to meet Warren Bolster. He showed a few of his images to Warren & had his first photograph published in the summer of 1977. The image was of Doug ‘Pineapple’ Saladino on a street ramp.

Six months later, Jim found himself hired as a staff photographer for ‘Skateboarder’ magazine, in January 1978. He photographed many of our sports early contests & riders during this time period. He continued working until ‘Skateboarder’ changed its name to ‘Action Now’  and Jim moved on in May 1980. He became ‘Team Manager’ at ‘GullWing’ & eventually -in 1985- became the editor at ‘TransWorld Skateboarding’ magazine. Jim Goodrich & his contribution to skateboarding is incomparable. Thank You Jim- Happy Birthday. Thank you to Jim Goodrich & the late-Craig Fineman (R.I.P.) for the images. Skate-Ozzie


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  1. beautiful images jim…wanna do a shirt series?

    ozzy, redhawk and I are ready for the call of duty

  2. Thanks for the tribute, Ozzie. You’re the best, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for helping keep the spirit of skateboarding alive.

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