dead in the water.

One of the things that brings me happiness is over…for now. ‘Blue Tile Obsession’ is done. My laptop crashed this morning. I lost my files, archives, images, stories, fragments…everything. Until I get a new laptop or can afford one, I am at a loss. Thank you all for reading. I wrote this ‘Dogbowl’ post over a three week period & had it completed , so I am posting it from a friends computer. I will be able to check my email once a day on his computer. All is not lost & I will -hopefully- overcome. Stay positive….I am. Skate-Ozzie


15 thoughts on “dead in the water.

  1. I really enjoy your blog Ozzie. It’s by far one of the best reads out there. Wish I was in a position to help get you…
    Hopefully good things are on their way, you find financial stability, and this project will be back up and running soon.

  2. Thanks for all the posts up to now and the future ones as well.

    Hopefully getting re-laptopped and getting your data back will be a quick and painless process.

    It has been an inspiring read so far.

  3. Yep – get a Mac (and an external HD to run Time Machine on) – and you’ll be safe(r) from data loss.

  4. All for getting a Mac. I pretty much read Blue Tile Obsession every day when I’m on my lunch break, it has really inspired me to start skating more regularly. pretty sure you get some IT dude to do a data retrieval service on your hard drive.
    hope it all works out.

  5. Hackett’s right, I been telling you all along get a mac !
    Hope you get this resolved … I look forward to your story’s !

  6. We cannot let this blog go quiet. I am seriously ready to take up a collection to get Oz a new computer. Cos losing Blue Tile Obsession would just be wrong!

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