East pals.

geoff graham


I am from Pennsylvania. I consider myself an East coast rider. However, I moved here a long time back & have been in California- permanently- since 97′. My best pal– Jim Howell –comes to visit & ride pools every so often, but not enough, I might add. I have met many great East coast riders & periodically a few show up out here to sample the backyard Blue Havens that abound here in Southern California. There is no place like it in the entire world. When my pals visit & we go out to ride pools, we are certainly in a small minority that particular day. Sometimes, we will ride 6 or 7 pools in one day. We know that of the billions of people on this planet of ours, we might have been the only ones riding 6-7 empty swimming pools that day. We feel special…because we are special. Millions golf, play ball, & do other things, because those ‘things’ are everywhere! Backyard pools are not. Viktor Frankl wrote that he believed mans higher purpose wasn’t merely the pursuit of pleasure, but to give meaning to ones life. Find something that gives your life meaning & share it with others. I find, drain & skate pools with my friends. Its what I love & it gives my life meaning. I think that the great Viennese psychologist meant something a bit more….altruistic, when he said, “meaning.” However, I am sharing my pools with others & cleaning up the neighborhoods! I also get the raddest feeling, when I see someone do something new for the first time in a pool. Its why we do what we do. Here are two pool pals from the East. Geoff Graham & Bulldog. My pools are their pools. Skate & be cool- Ozzie


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  1. 6-7 pools a day! Talk about living the dream! I’m glad your site is up and running again . It’s truly an inspiration.

  2. East Coast sk8rs are no joke. Real dedication right there. Pools are far and few between but you’ve got real soldiers out there driving across several states and putting in work to get some grinds. Nothing like sk8ing a pool in the freezing cold with snow on the deck. Shows just how hungry and how much heart these guys have. Living there was a lesson I will never forget. I will never whine about a “crappy” Cali pool for as long as I live, cuz the West is blessed! I miss sk8ing with all the homies. Get your asses back to LA so we can ride something!

  3. great post , Ozzie , you have done it again ! …. maybe you should compile everything that you have writen here and publish a book ! coffee table style … hard back and all …. I think you would be pleasently suprized at how well it would sell …. might be the answer to all the money issue’s ….

  4. Yeah, we have a rough time here on the eastcoast, but the times coming to Cali and riding pools with you make all the tough times worth it. Although there’s nothing like a frontside grind, inthe early morning and 20 degrees outside… Goodtimes for sure.

  5. thanks ozzie…it has been too long…and a shitty winter out here on the east coast…can’t wait to get back to cali…soon…

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