Jay Adams

Jay Adams- Hawaii

I think that Jay Adams is awesome. From the earliest images of him at ‘Teardrop’ pool by Glen E. Friedman, one could see that Jay always pushed the boundaries & limitations all around him. Stacy Peralta wrote about Jay & called him an ‘archetype’. I must agree. In ‘Fuck You Heroes’ book, by Friedman, you can see Jay at ‘Adolphs’ pool trying handplants –out the top–in like 1976  or 1977….just amazing. His personal life has been chaotic all along as well. He struggles with his inner dragons. Sometimes, the monster wins…I hope Jay always gains the better sword stroke with that one. Long live Jay Boy Adams. Thank you to Peter King for the image. Skate-Ozzie


4 thoughts on “Jay Adams

  1. Jay’s Moms place was around the corner from me in Hawaii. Some classic moments over there as a kid with him. I hope he keeps it pointed in the right direction and wish him well too.

  2. Jay Adams has always been one my favorite skaters of all time. He is one of the most rad, badass skaters ever. I wish him well.

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