skateboard madness?

Tony Jetton- 'Beef Bowl' demo. Los Angeles.

In the late 1970s, many things were odd & appeared peculiar. Disco, clothing, hair styles & the movie,’Skateboard Madness’. Another thing going on, was a group of skaters that traveled around in flamboyant costumes & performed regularly. If I recall, it was strange. It was like the ‘Ice Capades’ on wheels. Anyway, the only ‘madness’ I can think of that corresponds with ‘skateboarding’, is the madness associated with those that QUIT. If I recall correctly, Tony Jetton played a part in the traveling show while wearing a costume and performing. He also did this Chinese restaurant opening demo in downtown Los Angeles. Jim Goodrich told me that he thought it was called the ‘Beef Bowl.’ That sounds funny to me for some reason. Anyway, if someone quits skating, it would definitely seem like ‘madness’ to me. I understand the weight of responsibility, the unrelenting burden instilled by the nagging tongues of women, and feeling the need to ‘grow up’. I know. I have been through it. But, to quit something that is so special makes no sense. If you’ve quit, dust off your board & get back out there. There are skate parks everywhere. Roll around & rediscover why you started in the first place. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image.  Skate-Ozzie


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  1. in ’89 the scene here (montreal, canada) died . i still was skating most of my friends move out west. People quit , i still wanted to skate . soon another winter rolled by and in spring no one would skate .so the board made its way to the back of the closet Then 15 years went by and i sen some dues skating then i met some old dudes that i used to roll with. Now it’s on for life gotta bowl in the garage, and building a pool in my backyard. it’s on
    its always what i ever to do, i am so happy now. i see these people who are miserable and not happy in life.Not having any passion. they cant imagine what there missing. i am not afraid of dying i am afraid of living without skating.

  2. skateboarding infected me at an early age. there was a tv show called CHiPs, maybe you’ve heard of it, well one episode had Frank Poncharello corralling a bunch of rowdy hoodlum kids to a place called Reseda skatercross, during that show my life took a turn, that was it, i was hooked! scared to think who i’d be without skateboarding, even if it was introduced to me by Eric Estrada

  3. Unfortunately 18 years ago I tore all the ligaments in my knee along with substantial meniscus damage. Not having health insurance, I could not get repaired. I could barely walk right and did try skating again. Four years later I finally got health insurance and went under the knife. A year later I got married and the kids came. I never once stopped thinking about skating. It ate at me night and day for 18 years. I always kept up with the scene. Read the mags, watched the videos, etc.. Last October I had had enough. I bought a new setup and started skating with a great crew of older guys. Just rolling makes me happy but…… the tricks are starting to come back and I am in heaven. My wife is supportive and my son is starting to show interest. As the quote goes….”Skateboarding isn’t a sport, it is a fucking way of life!!!!” Thanks for the awesome blog Ozzie.

  4. I’ve been doing this for 35 years now. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do or be – a skateboarder. I’ll never quit. It gives me complete joy, happiness, oh yeah and madness. Keep ripping!

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