triple bubble revisited

Al Brunelle - BS Lipslide

Skies like lead. Cold. I arrived at Ridiculous around 6:00 am and there was snow in the grass and on the roof. It seems as though I missed a winter flurry of sorts. Rain at Bucky’s, snow at Ridiculous… go figure. There was about two feet of water in the pool and I could see my breath in the air. The cold bit at my lungs. I thought of my pool pal from Canada- Kevin Cann. He was in town and was coming out to ride pools later today. Canada is a bit colder than Ridiculous… why complain? I eased the pump into the pool and started draining. Richard, Bill Rennie, Kevin and Al Brunelle showed up a bit later. Kevin is always worried about me. I think I always seem half-starved because he buys me food quite often. Today was no different. He arrived burdened with big bags of groceries. You gotta love your friends! We quickly were busy draining a few local favorites. I thought I would call my pal Auggie who owns the Triple Bubble. I wanted to give my pals a treat while they were here. Auggie agreed to let us ride, so we drove over and drained it.

blackwater park

Al and Kevin - not entirely useless...

The Four Horsemen

There were leaves blocking the pump filter so Kevin took off his socks and shoes and got into the pit… he took a bath. We ended the day with a great session. I try to take care of those that take care of me. Auggie is a cool guy and I always keep my word with him. I have rebuilt a bridge with him for our crew. It has allowed us to have a great ‘permission’ pool when friends or special guests are around.

Kevin- stylish FS Air

Bill Rennie - FS Grind

Richard - rock-n-roll

Life is good. Pool pals, tasty food, backyard plaster and a good session always helps make for a great day! Thanks to Auggie, Richard, Al, Bill and Kevin for the wonderful big day out. Skate- Ozzie

Kevin Cann ... and will.


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  1. Seems weird to think it was well over a hundred degrees at that Pool a little over three months ago. Stoked for you guys! Tone from OZ

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