the great cold distance

Sometimes I just drive. When you wander the world a solitary man, you are left with a large block of time in which you must find something to do. Responsibilities in the form of children, chores, etc etc  are not to be yours. Some men drink themselves into a coma at night, some go out and find girls to chat up….  filling the air with lies and the happy talk, others take bong rips until mental retardation sets in…  I’ve done the same and seen it all. When I’m not running, working out, writing or reading… I drive. If I don’t go out and look, I am not going to find anything.

... dust to dust

Real Steel

solo draining

I love driving early in the morning. The freeways are less frenetic, darkness wraps me up and the sun is a welcome friend when it appears. People are inside, wrapped in flannel, wool and linen. Slumber. Dreams of a better world. I drive slowly past…  gone before life comes calling.

morning - first find

"... just put it in the garage sweetheart."



Pasqual Paddock

last find of the morning...

So, if you are sitting around doing nothing … put the weed and beer away and go out and find something rad. It’ll make your day better. Skate – Ozzie


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