Christian Hosoi – Guest Post

Christian - Vancouver July 1985

Christian Hosoi

“Photographs are like time tunnels that bring you to a place of reality. Sometimes we can forget where we came from and a photograph takes us right back to that place of remembering –whether they are good or bad places captured in time. This is one of those great memories that stands out in front of the others. It was when I came into a place of confidence and had a personal realization that I was closer than I’ve ever been before, to reaching my goal at becoming a great skateboarder. Everything had just started to click… I was always my toughest critic, along with those who poured their lives into mine (especially my father) prior and during this moment in my life. Never give up on your dreams! They can become a reality if you believe in them…”


Thank you to Jim Goodrich for the image and thanks to Christian Hosoi for the words. Skate- Ozzie


8 thoughts on “Christian Hosoi – Guest Post

  1. bless those ’80’s vert days .
    Was great to meet at lances . you have a great attitude and it was so much fun skating with a legend.
    all the best to you
    kevin from canada

  2. I remember watching that go down. It was a contest called Boarder Wars and it was the first time I had seen skating at that level in front of me. My friends and I had driven up from Seattle and slept in the Seylynn Bowl. An amazing weekend and a view of what was possible on a skateboard. I’ll never forget it.

  3. That’s some serious loft, Christian.

    Something you always had and still have over most everyone is that not only do you hit the stratosphere but you have great style doing it. Keep ripping bro. From what you say, this photo is around the time you started feeling confident in pulling airs that high, which makes it truly a historic pic.

    Brian Brannon

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