The Ladies At Lance’s – video

Lizzie Armanto

We had an awesome day at Lance’s with some of the best women skateboarders on the planet. The article link is below in case you haven’t seen it. Brandon Wong worked for a long time to get the video completed. I think it is great. Thank you to all involved & special thanks to Brandon Wong for the video edit & filming. Have a Merry Christmas. Skate- Ozzie

‘The Outsiders’  story link- outsiders


9 thoughts on “The Ladies At Lance’s – video

  1. Great footage. Emerging styles and fearless women. Would love to see some goofy-footed girls in the future, if only for some line variety.

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  3. These women prove that women can skateboard great!!! Thanks for those that paved the way for my daughter Pauline to compete and to the example they give to all the girls that are up and coming.

  4. Ripping . . !! I love this . . great to see Cara-Beth still out there with all the up and comers . . .skating heritage !! Can’t wait to see all the ladies at the upcoming Lake Cunningham contest . . .

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