Neil Blender at home

2011 is a done deal. It’s been a hard one for many people. Job loss, foreclosure, cuts in social programs & benefits…  it made for a long, fearful & difficult year. I would periodically watch the news or pick up a newspaper. It was the same old things. Scandal, disease, over-crowding, politicians boinking the help, dead Marines, peace ‘negotiations’ (wink/nudge) and a million other things that can & have gone wrong.  I turn away in disgust. It isn’t a wonder that I fly under the radar. I don’t mind being gone. I am a black hole in this life. Trying to see a way out of our world’s problems is mind numbing. I don’t think it can be done. It is folly. Some of the great problems that always contribute to the downfall of any society are sex, ignorance & hatred. Unwanted children equal problems, problems, problems…  frustration builds, money disappears & anger overflows. It is all because people can’t control their behavior. I know. I’ve been there. I look at the world and try to be hopeful. I try to be optimistic…  but I cannot. I see misery of our own making. There is very little love. I think Jesus Christ was right…  we need to love each other and live honorable & correct lives. I think we should begin right now. Let’s make 2012 a new start. We should help others, love people, stop hating and being fearful. Be an individual. Be thoughtful and sensitive. Never let go of those things that make you different. Who cares what others think of you?! Stand for something… that would be a good move in the right direction as well. Here are a few images of Neil Blender. He is such an amazing skateboarder, artist & inspiration. I am going to use his inspiration as a catalyst to help me help others this year. Have a Happy New Year. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Neil at Sadlands


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  1. I just stumbled onto this blog post, I just wanted to say thanks for writing it. I agree, Love is the only way forward. I’ll be keeping this website in the back of my mind from now on.

  2. Jesus Christ was 100% right.
    And you Ozzie, are really no black hole. Your blog and thoughts are one of the lights at the end of the so often very black “skateboardingmediatunnel”.
    Thanks, Markus

  3. First, you are not a black hole. Nonconformists are the ones who light up the sky, showing others that life can be lived without playing by “the rules” (which tend to be narrow, confining and staid).

    Second, it’s this human need to judge one another—and, therefore, use that judgment as a way to justify attitudes of superiority—that makes us forget that loving one another is more important. Let’s all try not to judge what others do (skaters, surfers, Republicans, Democrats, ballroom dancers, day laborers, whatever). Let’s all remember to give people the freedom to be who they are and to do so with respect.

    Third, let’s shred the @#!$ out of 2012! Skate like you mean it (even if you fall quite a bit—and, yes, I’m talking about myself). Surf like you mean it., people. We only get to do this life thing one time, so let’s do it with love, respect, coping and single fins!

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