Lance from Sundance

Sundance Bones Brigade

I have been bringing you updates on the Bones Brigade documentary for the past year. The film made it into the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah this weekend. All the guys were flying up there and I am excited for them all. I have been lucky enough to see the film and it is truly epic…  It is an “I love skateboarding” film, rather than a skateboarding film. When you see it–which you will–you’ll understand.

arrival in Park City Utah- Sundance

"Anything happening?" "Nothing yet."

probably hard to get used to....

Yesterday before he left for Utah, I asked Lance if he would send me little updates or images from the evening. During the day, he sent me various images from the trip up and at the Bones Brigade Sundance showing. Here is what we have. Congratulations to the guys….  so stoked! Thank you to Lance Mountain & Powell Peralta. Skate- Ozzie

Tommy Guerrero with Mike McGill

Stacy - in front of the camera for once

Guerrero, McGill, Lance, Caballero, Stacy and Mullen

Golden Ticket

Stacy introducing film

For a review of the Bones Brigade Documentary : Powell Peralta tumblr


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