Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie- FS lipslide - Lance's pool

Lizzie Armanto rips! It’s her birthday on Thursday and I thought I would send her some birthday wishes. She is a writer as well and I always try to encourage people with their endeavors. Writing is becoming a lost art…. it seems. I read all the time & sometimes shake my tired head in wonder. People cannot express themselves any longer. Lizzie started writing a bit on her own and I applaud that. I recently asked her about this past years Protec contest and her state of mind leading up to it. She said she wasn’t sure that she was really ready….  I checked her blog today and saw that she had written up a post about that day. It is awesome. Please check it out. Happy Birthday Lizzie. Keep it up…. Thanks to MRZ for the image. Skate- Ozzie

Lizzie  Armanto :Lizzie’s post


5 thoughts on “Lizzie Armanto

  1. sup Wrex?, you gotta get down to Jackson and hit up the pork pit in Franks backyard

  2. She so tore up the Combi at the last contest. And, as Rick alluded to, she is so damn stylish. I love to watch her skate. Happy Birthday, Lizzie! You really do rip, girl!!

  3. lizzie’s a good kid but her ‘style’, ugh! hahaha! sorry it’s a inside joke we have… her style is incredible! just maybe she’ll spend her birthday in hawaii 😉

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