East Coast Pool Pals

Andy, Marlon & Bulldog

” It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friends. Pool pals. I act pretty silly on a fairly consistent basis. My friends–most of them that is–appreciate my levity as they know me and understand that after all I’ve been through…. I am to be alloted a certain degree of latitude when it comes to acting like a wingnut. My pals Andy Neal & Bulldog came into town from the east coast to visit Marlon and I. We laughed most of the time that they were here. We rode a bunch of great pools, drained a few, ate good food and had the time of our lives.

"Smoke Skank Not Crank"

Andy Neal- in it to possibly win it

Bulldog- double trucker

my people

their people

teenage tender corn on the deck

Cam Dowse grabbing a fistful of fury

We hit the awesome amoeba and found that the neighbor –who originally rode it– has been having daily sessions with his friends. There were about a half dozen locals at the pool, sharing a skateboard, riding scooters, drinking King Cobra and hooting it up…  One local kid barely completed a scumline carve last time I was there, but now–two weeks later– he was going over the light. He was so amped! We rode there for awhile and then hit the road. It would turn out to be the last session ever at the awesome amoeba. Two days later I received word that it all was kicked sideways. The real estate people put a wooden & wire frame over it. Lockdown! Fini.

KB - up in it

BD Wong like Donkey Kong

Marlon getting busy

When Marlon gets up in it, you know that the shit is gonna be real! Marlon got broke off about a year or so ago and is only know making a return to the backyard plaster. He was a bit off the mark at first but quickly lit it up with grinds and power. It was great to see him cruising with us again.

the happy butterbean


Scott Cooper


KB=Kevin Burke=Killing Backyards

Scott Cooper came out and Ben Bridgers rode as well. It was a good day for everyone. Grinds were made, airs and tricks were thrown down and laughter held it all together. Ego and bitterness were kept at bay…  We couldn’t go wrong. Thanks to my pool pals for the visit , food and fun. Thanks to Brandon Wong for the images. Skate- Ozzie



3 thoughts on “East Coast Pool Pals

  1. Ozzie, it was such a great trip. Thanks for the red carpet treatment. Can’t wait to get out there again. I love riding pools, looking at pools, driving the IE grid, waking up and having nothing to do but skate…that’s vacation. Thanks for helping put memories to life with the words and images. Love ya brother! Pool pals for life. Now come and ride the backyard.

  2. So stoked to read this. Andy, Bulldog and Marlon are three of the coolest guys around and are always down to rip! Their deal is the same as ours Ozzie… Fun, fun, fun, without the head games or egos! I wish I could’ve been out there with those guys putting it down!

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