wolves in the throne room II

Pedro Barros- came out swinging and fought the conflict in stunning fashion.

Si vis pacem para bellum

“If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Pedro Barros dropped the hammer on the collected riders at last years Vans/Protec Combi contest. Pedro had a few runs that were in the stratosphere and his overhead, dive-bombing 540’s were a thing to behold. Rune Glifberg came in from the rooftop and didn’t slow his assault until the final minute. He was as one possessed. More than a few were heard to remark that Pedro won…  but barely. Rune Glifberg lit a fuse! Bucky Lasek was sidelined with a fracture just before the event. He is a heavy threat in any contest. You better watch yourself! Stay on your game because if you let up… Bucky won’t. Fini. Andy Macdonald entered the fray, drawing a line in the sand for a well-deserved top spot.

Rune Glifberg- like a firebomb dropped from the rooftop.

Andy Macdonald- shotgun Andrecht from his arsenal.

Beatdown Alert. I think Bucky Lasek is going to give everyone the Doc Marten dental plan!

Nolan Munroe skates like a time-bombing psycho on a mission! I can’t wait to see what he brings to the fight. Sando Dias can attack like few others and his consistent runs were awesome in last years contest. I’m betting he comes out this year – ‘all guns blazing.’

Nolan Munroe- he may want to take people to the wall this year!

Sandro Dias- a Positiv spark to ignite the powder keg?


“The fed world curls by his drowsy mate

on a dark scorched earth, as the lean wolves wait.” – Mundy

Alex Perelson can take a run, hit only four walls and I’ll go home happy. The guy is perfect to watch. He is the bringer of the lightening war. If Alex is putting it all together that day…  you better not blink. There are wolves in the throne room. I can’t wait to watch this years Vans/Protec Combi contest. It’s going to be insane! Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Alex Perelson- the bringer of the 'lightening war'


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  1. ha, thanks sir. ill trade you some pool photos when i get them off my camera.

  2. So sick ozzie cant wait to see this year’s pro division with buckys return always following man love the new posts.

  3. i much prefer your posts about backyard pools and suburban wastelands, but maybe that’s just me.

    • Since you prefer posts about “…backyard pools and suburban wastelands” I will be writing something just for you this weekend. Thanks for reading. Best- Ozzie

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