Sam Beckett standing on a tall one.

Beckett, PLG and me... handling business.

PLG, Sam, Chet, me and Al ... waiting on the pump.

Today was epic fun! PLG, Sam Beckett, Brian Fick, Chet Thomas, Al Brunelle and Cory all drove out and rode Ridiculous with Bunk and I. The sky was blue, the sun was out and the pool was super fun. I saw things go down that I didn’t think I’d see. We all had such a great time. Happiness. Pool pals. There is no hating in pool skating. Believe it! Thanks to PLG and the crew for the images, the dinner & the fun! Skate- Ozzie

PLG politely listening to my unending backyard banter.


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Ok I now take back all that Canadien poser stuff I have said about PLG. Sorry man if you ride pools it’s all good with me. Does that mean Shawn White is the poser now?

    • I don’t know a polite answer for this comment. PLG actually was super rad & fun to skate with. Shawn White… I haven’t skated with since 2001. I am unsure … my thinking is that if these guys can ride vert at a world class level, then pools or any other type of skating is something that they could do as well. It just takes some getting accustomed to… Thanks

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