I started doing rock-n-rolls in pools around New Years Day. I stand up too much, slide down the wall, almost die and bail about eight out of ten attempted. Saturday, Lance and Salba were riding with me. Lance leaned over and said – “Stay closer to the wall and inside the pool. Turn as you approach the lip…” Salba told me to approach the coping straight on. I did just what they said and it clicked. I did a few and the next day Brian Fick took this image. I am happy. I find it interesting that I can still learn at 48 years old. I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve always wanted to do rock-n-rolls in backyard pools. I can die happy. Thanks Lance. Thanks Salba. Thanks to Brian Fick for the image. Skate and learn something. – Ozzie


9 thoughts on “learning

  1. Damn, a rad pic and a trick tip. RnR’s scare the crap out of me on anything over about 6′ high. This may help.

  2. That’s so cool, sk8 legends teaching an old dog new tricks – good on ya! Love the blog by the way, keep up the good work. (I’ve linked ya in on mine…)

  3. Inspirational to say the least..!! 48 & doin it up still!
    Tell Salba hey for me… We once skated 14 pools in a day up here
    In the valley with Petey & Nakama.

  4. So rad! Those two see things differently. Top of the hill. Salba pointed at the hip and Lance “Scooch here” and bulldog was over the stairs. Stoked for you Ozzie! I love learning.

  5. yeah oz, your rock looks killer. does the ozzy slide ever get busted out anymore?

    • Thanks Wags… I have been thinking of pulling the Ozzie slide out again lately. Its been about a decade since I threw one up but I’m pretty sure I could bend into one. Just don’t know if I could get back out of it! Ha! Peace Uddy-Oz

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