blood brothers?

Paul Constantineau & Jim ‘Reddog’ Muir- Skatopia 1977

Paul Constantineau-Skatopia 1977

Blood Brothers. You don’t have to take an oath. One doesn’t need a knife across the palm and a varied virus exchange in order to seal the deal. You know what I mean? You better! I have friends that I would take a bullet for. Some things transcend this pathetic ‘so-called’ life we live. A parents love for their kids. Siblings. Brothers. Its all one in the same. My old friends Jim Howell and Scott Ward? I’d run into gunfire for those guys. Straight in….not a micro-second of thought. It doesn’t matter if they would do the same. Its only important that I am willing. I wonder how many people view friendship in such a fashion. Do you think it odd? I don’t have very close family ties. My friends are my life…what few I have. I take that seriously. I saw these images and wondered. Blood brothers? Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the images. (Look at the board. The Wes ‘Bulldog’ Humpston artwork is brilliant!) Skate-Ozzie


4 thoughts on “blood brothers?

  1. You know I’d do the same for you my friend! You and I are brothers for life! Be there in a couple of days to be kids again, just like when we were 18!

  2. right on!!! I am definitely closer to my friends than most of my family. I consider my friends to be my family.

  3. the first one who takes one for the team is the role model. great friendships are born from that sort of behavior. great write up.

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