Pipeline / Stan Hoffman Tribute

Stan Hoffman

Jeanne and Stan Hoffman opened the Pipeline Skatepark in Upland, California in the late 70s, and for nearly a decade they hosted some of skateboarding’s greatest contests and skaters. The park produced some of the most notorious pool skaters ever, Steve Alba and Chris Miller among them. Pipeline was also home to the notorious Combi Pool, a vert double bowl consisting of a steep square pool connected to a round pool by a small shallow section. With the help of the Hoffmans, the infamous Combi was resurrected when Vans created a modernized replica at the new Vans Skatepark. Jean and Stan provided the blueprints to the original so that the new one could be built.

In the Badlands on Saturday May 19, the Hoffman family along with Utility Board Shop is throwing a 35th anniversary Pipeline Reunion / Badlands bash.  A day of skating at Upland skatepark followed by a commerative plaque being given to Stan Hoffman who is now 82 years old! We will be honoring the tradition of Pipeline Skatepark and the Badlands !
After the skate session the Bones Brigade Documentary will be shown at Grove theatre and then after the movie an Art show will take place at Corey Miller’s shop– 6 Ft. Under– featuring Pipeline Skateparks relics and art work related to Pipeline! Trying to confirm people and skaters now! Jim Cassimus and Jim Goodrich are on board for prints of The Pipeline!  Powerflex 5 will perform at Art show! – Salba

Lance clowning around behind Stan Hoffman

A page from Tay Hunt's Badlands experience

Make sure to attend this awesome historical event that will reflect over thirty years of Badlands hardcore skateboarding influence and tradition. Skate- Ozzie


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  1. I should be on the list of badlanders of pipeline park in upland from 1977 to 1988 when they closed the doors.

  2. Wow that’s way rad I wish I lived in Cali I would defiantly go to the show i wanna see the bones brigade documentary and there would’ve a lot of gnarly dudes out there loving your post about combi bowl and pro Tec following every day keep up the good work

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