Ben Bridgers

Ben- one of the best rock-n-rolls in the business – Image: Sharp

Our good pal Ben Bridgers is a Professor of Art at the University of Redlands. He has taken another position at a smaller school back in North Carolina and leaves to join his family there this coming Friday. Yesterday, I decided to take Ben out to Malibu and skate the clover there together. Angelo was gracious enough to let us ride and I asked Bill Sharp to shoot some photographs.

Ben Bridgers- FS 5-0 – Image:Sharp

We all had a great time and we even met again today and pulled a full backyard mission with everyone to send Ben on his way in proper ‘pool pal’ form. We are sending happiness and good luck to him and his family. Thanks to Angelo for the hook up and thank you to Bill Sharp for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Ben and yours truly – Malibu


11 thoughts on “Ben Bridgers

  1. Ben, I was just talking rock n rolls with Dave H today before he left SoCal, and yours came up. Good to meet you at Pala on Friday, good luck in the new position. – Pat from SkateCamp.

  2. wow that pool is a dream, with the view and a roll in. Thanks for sharing and can I ask who constructed it? california skateparks?

  3. Awesome Oz! I’m really missing Malibu right now. I’ve gotta get back there soon. Thanks for the stoke!

    • A very amazing weekend. I am definitely stoked that you and Ben came out to spend his last weekend with us. And, if that wasn’t enough, you showed us a great time in the Badlands yesterday. Thanks again!! See you very soon, my friend!

      • Wesley – you guys rule! Thanks to you, Angelo, Bill, Chris, and Trevor for the hospitality. Skateboarding is a true brotherhood.

    • After years of riding them, I finally ran out. Powell Peralta all day long my friend… I actually like this deck better because there is more concave and it holds my front foot better. The Deckcrafters 3-fish was so rad though. I miss the color & stuff.

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