Sunday at Ridiculous

Ben Bridgers- Image: William Sharp

After Malibu on Saturday, we continued on with our weekend by having a good old-fashioned plaster blaster at the house. Pool pals came and went all day. The Malibu crew hit it early and we rode a few backyards and then they left. Around noon, other friends came over, they brought food and drinks, the music was pulsing through the yard and the session heated up. It wasn’t too difficult to get fired up anyway as the thermometer was reading at just over one hundred degrees outside! We would take a few runs and then slip into the cool air-conditioned darkness of the house to drink water and get ready for another attack. Everyone was ripping! Ben Bridgers was leaving us for the east coast so we made sure he would be missing us all.

Ripperside Shawn- celebrating a birthday and hoisting some air time.

Al Brunelle – Stalefish. Image: William Sharp

Ripperside was well-represented. Gomez and Shawn were here to hold it down. Shawn was celebrating a birthday and blasted a few airs while Gomez made us all stoked with some big sweepers. Al Brunelle was low key with chest high stalefish, disasters and fifteen wall runs that were mind blowing! Someone please turn this guy Pro! Tristan Rennie, Scott Cooper and KB all put in some ripping runs and braved the heat all day. Thanks to the crew, thanks for the food, thanks for coming, thanks to William Sharp and Brandon Wong for the images. Good luck Ben! Skate -Ozzie

Scott Cooper

Gomez- Ripperside sweeper

Tristan- FS Boneless


4 thoughts on “Sunday at Ridiculous

  1. What a weekend! You’ve definitely got class Ozzie! You treated us like family and welcomed us into your backyard. Much love. See you soon.
    Malibu crew…

  2. Sounds like a Sunday I can get behind especially with a slew of Ripperside representation. I want a ticket for the next go round. –Sleepy

  3. Ozzie, You are one of a kind, thank you! It was a great weekend of skateboarding and a perfect send off. Keep the stoke!

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