Pushwood/ Jon Spooner

Jon Spooner

I don’t normally promote anything on the Blue Tile Obsession except positive skateboarding, pools, skate history and my various and sundry mental disorders. However, my good friend Jonathan Spooner has developed a really unique thing that I must tell everyone about. Jonathan fractured his leg skateboarding last year. He was laid up. Rather than take that time and delve into self-pity, pain meds and relentless drinking bouts, he decided to develop a new APP that helps skateboarders find parks. Being as he is a computer programmer, he knew that it would simply take a great deal of time and he had time in abundance. Pushwood is an App that you can get for FREE. It is a comprehensive skate park directory. You can update it, add images and find all the spots you’ll need on any trip or adventure into a distant city. Jonathan rides pools, parks and vert regularly. He is one of my favorite people and I ask you to check out his new Pushwood Skate Park location App. Thank you to Kyle Lightner and Chris Teitz for the images. Skate and support your friends. – Ozzie

Jonathan- back tail Fontana II

To see the Skate Park location App- 3183-jessee-turner-health-and-recreation-center-fontana-2

To download the free App- PUSHWOOD


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  1. I saw the link on your page a month or two ago and tried it, one word…. awesome! Still needs a lot of pix and reviews to fill it out but that will come. Great app!

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